Wyoming Planning Documents

The Wyoming State Library, in partnership with the Investment Ready Communities Division of the Wyoming Business Council, scans local planning documents so municipalities and economic development agencies have access to what others in Wyoming have done. These documents include downtown development plans, revitalization plans, and regional economic development plans.

Attention! As of November 2015, this page is no longer updated. Please visit Wyoming State Publications for the most current documents. Additionally, some of the download links below may not yet work; these files are being moved from another server and will be available soon. Thanks!

Albany County

Albany County Fairgrounds Event Center Feasibility Study (2015)
Laramie Plains Civic Center Electrical Systems Evaluation (2014)
Laramie Hospice Marketing Plan (2013)
Big Brothers Big Sisters Facility Feasibility Study
Laramie Downtown Development Plan (2011)
Laramie Child Development Corporation Feasibiilty Study (2011)
Business Plan, Laramie Plains Civic Center (2010)
Historic Downtown Laramie Retail Market Analysis (2007)
Housing Study and Action Plan Laramie (2003)
Feasibility Study for Development of Marketing Cooperative Laramie (2003)
Laramie Downtown Revitalization and Development Plan (2002)
Turner Tract Area Plan (2001)
Laramie River Business Park II Master Plan (2000)

Big Horn County

Big Horn County Economic Development Plan (2015)
South Big Horn County Airport Conceptual Development and Strategic Plan (2006)

Basin Master Plan (2012)
Basin Master Plan, Appendices (2012)

Town of Burlington Community Development Plan (2004)

Byron Land Use and Development (2007)

Housing Needs Assessment Lovell and Cowley, Wyoming (2010)
Town of Cowley Master Plan (2007)

Town of Frannie, Community Development Plan. (2005)

Town of Greybull Housing Study and Master Plan (2015)

Housing Needs Assessment Lovell and Cowley, Wyoming (2010)
Lovell Town Master Plan (2006)

Campbell County

Campbell County Convention and Visitors Bureau: Gillette Visitor Site Planning Study (2014)
Retail Market Anaylsis, Campbell County, Wyoming. (2005)
North East Wyoming Regional Marketing and Tourism Development Plan (2002)

Energy Park Rail Spur Utilization Study (2014)
Gillette Avenue Urban Design Plan Facade Manual (2013)
Gillette Avenue Urban Design Plan (2013)
Stocktrail Plan Final (2013)
Housing Market Study part 1 (2008)
Housing Market Study part 2 (2008)
Gillette Technical Training Center Master Plan (2004)
Report on the Economic Impacts of Current and Proposed CAM-PLEX Facilities (2003)

Wright Town Hall Reuse Study (2013)
Uptown Wright Retail Development Study (2003)

Carbon County

Carbon County Visitor Center at the Historic Wyoming Frontier Prison (2014)
Elk Mountain Community Center Study (2014)
Medicine Bow Survey and Zoning plan (2014)
Little Rascals Preschool and Daycare Feasibility Study (2014)
Elk Mountain Community Center Feasibility Study (2014)
Comprehensive Economic Development Strategy for the Great Divide Economic Development Coalition (Carbon County and Sweetwater County, Wyoming) (2012)
Carbon County Museum Plan (2006)
Carbon County Higher Education Center Facility Consolidation Evaluation (2008)
Feasibility Study of a Fiber Optic Broadband System for Carbon County (2007)
Carbon County Community Needs Assessment (2002)

Town of Encampment Community Development Plan (2005)

City of Rawlins Master Plan (2014)
Rawlins Economic Development Plan (2012)

A Strategic Economic Development Plan for the Town of Saratoga, Wyoming (2004)

Converse County

Plastic Pellet Manufacturing Feasibility Study (2015)
Converse County Growth Management Plan (2009)
Converse County Library System Library Expansion Report (2008)

City of Douglas 24-Hour Day Care Feasibility Study. (2006)
Downtown Douglas Development Plan (2006)
Library Space Needs for Converse County Library (2006)
A Feasibility Study of Coal Based Industrial Development in Douglas, Wyoming and the Surrounding Area (2004)
Douglas Business Park (2003)

Bronco Building Feasibility Study (2014)
Glenrock Lincoln ‘Bronco’ Building Feasibility Study (2013)
Feasibility Analysis of Assisted Living Services for Converse County (2005)
Glenrock Assisted Living Center (2005)
Deer Creek Corridor, Business Park Feasibility Study for the Town of Glenrock (2003)
Downtown Revitalization Project (2001)

Rolling Hills

Town of Rolling Hills Multi-use Facility Feasibility Study (2014)

Crook County

Hulett Community Center Report (2006)
Town of Hulett Library and Community Center Existing School Building Investigation (2004)
Community Plan Update and Recreation Development (2002)

Moorcroft Senior Housing Report (2009)
Downtown Development Plan for Moorcroft, Wyoming (2002)

Pine Haven
Town of Pine Haven Planning Study: Community Facility Building & Multi-Purpose Facility (2009)

Old Stoney Preservation and Rehabilation Cost Study (2001)

Fremont County

Town of Dubois Gateway Planning Project (2006)
Town of Dubois Community Revitalization Plan (2000)

Comprehensive Development Plan (2012)

Northern Arapaho Tribe
Feasibility Study for Development of Boys and Girls Club (2005)
Final Report for Feasibility Study for Development of Boys and Girls Club (2005)

Riverton Federal Boulevard Study (2014)
Feasibilty Study, Meadowlark Cottages (2010)
Riverton Recreation Center Drawings (2005)
Revitalizing Riverton’s Downtown : A Redevelopment Master Plan for Main Street (2001)

Goshen County

Goshen County Tourism Plan (2013)

Ft. Laramie
Ft. Laramie Community Assessment (2010)

LaGrange High School for the Town of LaGrange (2006)

City of Torrington Sanitary Sewer Study. (2007)
Senior and Assisted Living Market Study (2011)
Industrial Recruitment Strategy (2005)
Manufacturing and Industrial Opportunities, Torrington, Wyoming. (2004)
Dairy Feasibility Study. (1999)

Hot Springs County

Final Report — “Red Rock” Business Park. (2006)
Master Facility Plan Hot Springs County Memorial Hospital (2005)


Hot Springs County Recreation District Feasibility Study
Thermopolis Master PLan (2010)

Johnson County

Buffalo Senior Center Study (2014)
Johnson County Fairgrounds Indoor Arena Redevelopment Plan (2009)
Downton Buffalo Plan (2008)

Beautification and Planning Project for Kaycee, Wyoming (2007)
Kaycee Wyoming Beautification and Planning Project (2007)
Senior Housing for Kaycee: An Analysis of Need and Feasibility of Meeting That Need (2007)
Kaycee Downtown Development Plan (2006)

Laramie County

Laramie County Multi Tenant Nonprofit Center (2006)

An Evaluation of Development Process Costs in the City of Cheyenne and Laramie County, Wyoming (2015)
Cheyenne Metropolitan Planning Organization (MPO)
Early Education Partnership Business Plan (2004)

Lincoln County

Lincoln County Economic Development Plan (2014)
Lincoln County Economic Development Plan Appendix A (2014)
Lincoln County Economic Development Plan Appendix B (2014)
Lincoln County Economic Development Plan Appendix C (2014)
Lincoln County Economic Development Plan Appendix D (2014)

Performing Arts Center Market Assessment & Downtown Attraction Development Recommendations (2005)

Star Valley Ranch
Town of Star Valley Ranch, Wyoming Municipal Master Plan, part 1 (2008)
Town of Star Valley Ranch, Wyoming Municipal Master Plan, part 2 (2008)

Natrona County

Natrona County Electrical Capacity Studies (2014)

Midwest, WY Indigenous Energy (2011)


Town of Mills Water Service Study (2015)

Bar Nunn
Town of Bar Nunn, Community Development Plan. (2008)

Town of Evansville, Community Development Plan. (2005)

Niobrara County

Niobrara County Sustainable Health Care Plan (2008)

Park County

Park County Housing Assessment (2010)
Yellowstone Development District Overall Economic Development Plan (1994)

Creating a Value Added Dairy Processing Enterprise in Wyoming (2014)
North Cody Industrial Area Business Park Master Plan (June 2009)
Appendices 1 – 12
Appendices 13 – 17
Proposed Convention Center for the City of Cody : Planning & Preliminary Design Concept (2002)

Town of Frannie, Community Development Plan. (2005)

Meeteetse Master Plan (2015)
Meeteetse Master Plan Appendix (2015)

Powell Centennial Park Master Plan (2009)

Platte County

Platte County Development Plan [Draft] (2008)
Platte County Hospital District (2011)

Greater Chugwater Area Community Development Plan. (2005)

Guernsey Visitor Center/Museum Assessment and Recommendations (2014)
Guernsey Travel Marketing Assessment (2013)

Town of Wheatland Community Development Plan (2008)

Sheridan County

Sheridan County Senior Center Feasibility Study (2013)
Railroad Corridor Study (2013)
Railroad Corridor Economic Development Study (2013)
FPCFE Education Development Center Study (2013)
Master Plan for Child Development Center, Sheridan (2007)
Sheridan County Fairgrounds Phase II Report (2006)
Business Plan of the Free Clinic of Sheridan County (2006)
Sheridan County Housing Needs Assessment (2006)
Sheridan County Fairgrounds Feasibility Study (2005)

Sheridan Downtown Entrepreneurial Center Feasibility Study and Proposed Operational Plan (2014)
Sheridan Targeted Industry Study (2014)
Sheridan County Railroad District Preservation Master Plan (2015)
Sheridan Housing NMRI Study (2011)
Sheridan Senior Center Needs Assessment and Plan (2011)
Sheridan Senior Center’s In-Home Services Program Memo (2011)
Sheridan High Tech Park Conceptual Plan (2010)
Arts and Culture: Economic Inventory, Assessment, Strategy and Work Plan for Sheridan, Wyoming (2008)
Green House for Sheridan (2006)
Our Camp, Inc. Planning Only Grant Feasibility Study and Report (2005)
WYSTAR (Wyoming Substance Abuse Treatment and Recovery Center) Planning only Grant Feasibility Tudy and Report (2003)
Market Analysis & Feasibility Study: the Historical Sheridan Inn as a Hospitality Property (2003)
Downtown Sheridan Streetscape Master Plan Update (2001)
Downer Neighborhood Sanitary Sewer, Streets and Drainage Improvements Feasibility Study (1998)

Sublette County

Pinedale Phase II and III for Downtown (2011)

Sweetwater County

Comprehensive Economic Development Strategy for the Great Divide Economic Development Coalition (Carbon County and Sweetwater County, Wyoming) (2012)
Facility Assessment of Sweetwater County’s Child Development Center (2009)
Community Needs Assessment Low-Income Households in Sweetwater County, Wyoming (2002)
Comprehensive Economic Development Strategy (2002)
Sweetwater County Comprehensive Plan (2002)

Granger Master Plan Full Report (2009)

Green River
Green River Airport Master Plan (2015)
Green River Union Pacific Depot Study (2015)
UP Depot Admin Building Study (2012)
I80 East Interchange Feasibility Study (2005)

Rock Springs
City of Rock Springs First Security Bank Building Study (2014)
CEDS Update (2014)
First Security Bank Building Study (2014)
YAH Marketing Plan 2012-2014 (2011)
Bitter Creek Reconstruction Plan and Design (2007)
City of Rock Springs Housing Master Plan, Final, Revised (2007)
Sweetwater Events Complex Market Demand and Financial Feasibility Report (2007)
Report on the Economic Impacts of the Sweetwater Events Complex (2007)
High Desert Interpretive Center Feasibility Study (2005)
Report and Recommendations Young at Heart Senior Citizens Center (2005)
Final Technical Report: Blairtown Road Planning Study (2003)

Economic and Community Development Study (2002)

Teton County

Jackson Hole Elders Market Analysis (2012)
Attachment 3 Sample Surveys
Teton County Childcare Assessment (2005)
Community Center for the Arts Preliminary Master Plan. (2000)

Uinta County

Uinta County Airport Project (2014)
Bridger Valley Assisted Living Facility Planning
Bridger Valley Regional Wastewater Plan (2008)
Evanston/Uinta County Event Feasibility Study (2000)

Bridger Valley
Bridger Valley Regional Wastewater Plan (2008)
Technical Memorandum No. 1
Technical Memorandum No. 2
Technical Memorandum No. 3
Technical Memorandum No. 4
Technical Memorandum No. 5

Evanston Roundhouse and Railyard (1999)

Lyman Library Development Study (2009)
Uinta County Library Lyman Branch New Building Feasibility Study (2009)
Lyman Heritage Development (2007)

Mountain View
Town of Mountain View School Feasibility Study Final Report (2011)
Mountain View General Master Plan (2008)
Final Report for the Town of Mountain View: An Assessment of the Need for Extended Child Care in Mountain View. (2003)

Washakie County

Westside Irrigation Project Business Plan Final Report (2010)
Big Horn Basin Transportation Study (2007)


Big Horn Basin Transportation Study (2007)
Preliminary Planning for Worland Joint Use Senior Facility (2003)

Weston County

Weston County Health Services Master Plan (2002)

Revitalization of Downtown Newcastle Master Plan (2000)

Upton Multi-Purpose Facility Feasibility Study (2015)
Town of Upton Senior Center Feasibility Study (2008)
Market Anaylsis for Senior Services, Upton, Wyoming (2005)
Revitalization of Downtown Upton(2001)

Wyoming Wide Plans

The WEAVE Marketing and Training Cooperative: Wyoming’s Entrepreneurial Artisans Envisioning Excellence (2003)

Yellowstone National Park

Yellowstone Development District Overall Economic Development Plan (1994)

The Wyoming Community Network has created a source for Community Assessments. http://www.wyomingrural.org/wcn.asp

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