Wyoming Library to Business

Free Resources to Start, Pivot, or Grow Your Small Business!

Wyoming Library to Business (WL2B) is a business-focused, community driven and completely free resource, based in your local library.

Our goal is to connect Wyoming entrepreneurs and small business owners with a curated network of business experts, resources to learn new skills, and the tools to succeed at every stage.

WL2B is grant funded
Wyoming Library to Business

Business Resources Available Through WL2B

All the equipment and resources listed below are available for use, completely for free, through your Wyoming library.

  • Record your business promo with a portable video production space
  • Capture high-quality product photos at your local business, at home, or even in your restaurant with a portable light box
  • Produce, mix, and save a podcast—all in the same day!—using our user-friendly, industry-standard podcast equipment
  • Using the portable business station, you can connect with business experts from around the state and surrounding region, virtually or in person
  • Get assistance creating a business plan
  • Receive personalized guidance and direction toward local resources for your next steps

Participating Wyoming Libraries

For information about reserving any of the items listed above, contact the WL2B location near you.

Library Resources Available Through WL2B

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Are you a Wyoming business owner who’s benefited from using WL2B resources at your local library? Are you a librarian currently using the program and want to share how it’s helping local businesses in your community?

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