Wyoming Public Access Telehealth Spaces (PATHS)

A Pathway to Healthcare Access

Welcome to the University of Wyoming’s initiative to provide accessible and equitable telehealth services for Wyoming residents. Our telehealth spaces in libraries are reshaping the way residents access healthcare.

Public Access Telehealth Spaces

What is PATHS?

The Public Access Telehealth Spaces (PATHS) Initiative is based on a national model for promoting access to safe, secure, and accessible spaces to connect all community members to equitable health and wellness resources and services. Currently in the pilot phase of this initiative, PATHS has secured funding to purchase and install telehealth spaces in three local Wyoming Libraries in Goshen, Natrona, and Park counties with future expansion into three additional libraries, University of Wyoming Extension Offices, and a local detention center.

PATHS is about more than installing physical spaces in libraries and community spaces, it is also creating connections between healthcare providers and communities to integrate and coordinate telehealth, addressing issues of equity and access to services and support.

Public Access Telehealth Spaces

Funding Acknowledgment

The PATHS Project has been made possible by funding through the Wyoming State Loan and Investment Board, with additional support from the University of Wyoming, College of Education, Counselor Education Program and the College of Health Sciences, Wyoming Institute for Disabilities.

UW College of Education
UW College of Health Sciences

The Importance of Telehealth Spaces

Wyoming is known for its vast rural areas, making it challenging for many residents to access healthcare facilities. Telehealth spaces bridge the gap by offering remote consultations and services.

Publicly accessible telehealth spaces reduce common barriers to healthcare access, such as transportation issues, time constraints, and long wait times found at private practices.

Telehealth spaces aim to level the playing field by ensuring that everyone, regardless of where they live or their circumstances, has access to quality healthcare services.

Our telehealth spaces are designed to make healthcare services easily accessible. They are located in your local libraries, making it as simple as borrowing a book.

How Telehealth Makes Treatment Accessible


Our telehealth spaces are equipped with up-to-date video and audio technology to enable clear and effective communication with healthcare professionals.


Our telehealth spaces offer a private and secure environment, ensuring that your health concerns are kept confidential while providing the convenience of nearby library locations.

Secure & Private

We prioritize your privacy and security by using encrypted connections to protect your personal health informaion.

On-Site Support

Friendly and knowledgeable library staff are available to assist you with scheduling appointments and ensuring a seamless experience.


Using the spaces is easy! You can schedule an appointment, enter the private space, and connect with a licensed medical professional all within the library’s comfortable setting.

Telehealth Spaces: How It Works

Step 1

Locate a Booth

Find the nearest telehealth space at your local library using our interactive map.

Step 2

Select a Provider

Find a healthcare professional that is enrolled in the Wyoming Telehealth Network.

Step 3

Schedule Appt.

Book your telehealth appointment with library staff or online scheduling system.

Step 4

Browse Library

While you wait for your appointment, take advantage of the library’s resources.

Step 5

Get Quality Care

Discuss health concerns, receive diagnoses, prescriptions, or referrals in complete confidence.

Locate a Telehealth Space Nearest You

Explore our interactive map below to discover our current telehealth space locations across Wyoming. Click on a pin for more information.

Natrona County Library

Address: 307 E 2nd St, Casper, WY 82601
Phone: (307) 577-7323
Website: Visit telehealth webpage

Park County Library

Address: 1500 Heart Mountain Street Cody, WY 82414
Phone: (307) 527-1880
Website: Visit telehealth webpage

Goshen County Library

Address: 2001 E A St, Torrington, WY 82240
Phone: (307) 532-3411
Website: Visit telehealth webpage