Wyoming CAN

Cybersecurity Education

The Wyoming State Library has partnered with the CyberWyoming Alliance through the volunteer group, Wyoming CAN (Cybersecurity Action Network) Committee, to offer the free “cyber-in-a-box” educational program.

Wyoming CAN!
Daughter watching a video with her mother

Cyber-in-a-Box Program

Cyber-in-a-Box is a video-based educational program is designed to be distributed via local libraries to increase cyber safety in Wyoming communities.

In addition, the School Video Challenge was developed to encourage Wyoming middle and high school classrooms to create original video content promoting public cybersecurity awareness as part of the Cyber-in-a-Box program.

Previous Challenge Videos

January 2023: Phishing

December 2022: Password Management

November 2022: Snapchat Safely

October 2022: Ring Doorbells

September 2022: An Interview with Alexa

August 2022: Insecure Password-itis

July 2022: Scam Emails

June 2022: Social Media & Text Scams

May 2022: Mal, Mis and Dis Information