Spooky Halloween Patents to Send Chills up Your Spine

Oct 21, 2022

They’re creepy, they’re kooky, they’re altogether spooky: historic Halloween patents! Come join us in looking at Halloween themed patents (including one from Wyoming) that are perfect for the spooky season.

Patent drawing

Decorate your home with US Patent 396,252 for a Jack-A-Lantern patented in 1889. Described as “an attractive, desirable, and amusing toy for children” modern day sensibility may find it a bit more creepy than attractive.

Patent drawing

After putting up decorations and setting out the candy, it’s time to get yourself decked out in a costume. U. S. Patent 2964757, Combination Headdress and Face Mask is perfect for the thrifty minded partier. Made out of paper or plastic, this patent was designed to be “economically feasible to discard.”

  Patent drawing

This patent would uncannily smile up out of the candy bowl. Hailing from Utah, US patent D76,776 is a design for Halloween Candy. While the patent does not specify what kind of candy is used, it would certainly add a spooky flair to the usual candy corn.

Patent drawing

Simply donning a mask may not be enough for your costume of choice, so add this next patent to your outfit. Called an Anatomical Device, U. S. Patent 3,188,753 could also function as a skeleton hand poking out of an overlong sleeve. Invented by Corrie L. Lovercheck, this is a Wyoming original.


To see the full scans of the patents, first follow the links to enter the USPTO’s Patent Public Search (you may have to allow popups). The collection automatically places the patent in text view. To see the images, click the camera/text icon that in the upper left of the Document Viewer window.

To check out patents granted to Wyoming inventors check out the Wyoming Inventors digital collection.

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