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Mar 10, 2021

Part of the cowling for one of the motors for a B-25 bomber is assembled in the engine department of North American [Aviation, Inc.]’s Inglewood, Calif., plant (Library of Congress)

Throughout history, thousands of women have affected policy, changed cultural norms, and advocated for underserved populations in the United States. They have made their mark for future generations through a variety of important roles.

This March, during Women’s History Month, take some time to examine and trace the achievements of women from every walk of life using these valuable resources.

The First Ladies National Historic Site offers a unique look at the 47 women who have served in the official capacity of First Lady of the United States. The National First Ladies’ Library includes a wealth of additional materials such as biographies, historic timelines, lesson plans and trivia. A specific section of the White House website offers details to satisfy your curiosity about America’s First Families.

The National Park Service encourages the exploration of unique legacies and stories of women including Harriet Tubman, Clara Barton, and others at numerous parks across the country.

Discover the stories of women who have shared their talents in science and innovation, entertainment, and activism in a collection of artwork, videos, and online exhibits curated by The Smithsonian. It’s easy to get lost in the wealth of information found in Because of Her Story.

Visit the virtual exhibit titled “In Re Lady Lawyers the Rise of Women Attorneys and the Supreme Court” for a history of those who paved the way for five women to become Supreme Court justices.

Military service has been a vital aspect of American life and women have risked their lives in every war since 1775 as nurses, spies, cooks, and soldiers. During World War II, more than 150,000 women contributed to the war efforts through the Women’s Army Corps.

Currently, 147 women represent their states in the House of Representatives and the Senate. Their leadership roles include Speaker of the House, Vice President of the United States, and the chair of committees including Agriculture, Nutrition, and Forestry; Commerce, Science, and Transportation; and Health, Education, Labor, and Pensions.

Women’s History Month is a reminder to pause and recognize the various ways women have influenced and continue to shape American society.

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