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Apr 9, 2021

Document cover: Middle Big Horn Watershed StudyWater concerns in Wyoming affect all industries, communities and residents. Water resources include water in the solid, liquid, and gas phases, including surface water, groundwater, precipitation, and water vapor in the atmosphere. The wise development and administration of this critical resource is the primary purpose of the Wyoming Water Development Program, which is administered by the Wyoming Water Development Office (WWDO) and the Wyoming Water Development Commission (WWDC).

The WWDO and WWDC provide for the planning, selection, financing, construction, acquisition, and operation of projects for the conservation, storage, transmission, supply, and use of water in Wyoming. Projects include dam and reservoir planning, groundwater planning, river basin planning, watershed studies, weather modification, and water research projects.

As the state documents depository, the Wyoming State Library collects and houses publications on this critical work. Check out water development publications, like the most recent agency publication, Middle Big Horn Watershed Study Level 1 at the State Library in print (WYDOCS WA 1.2:581/ 2021/FINAL) or digitally in our State Publications Database.

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