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Apr 14, 2020

The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) has created a comprehensive website for anyone concerned with their finances. The CFPB offers information and tools on a variety of topics including student loans, credit reports, fraud and scams, retirement, and more.

The site provides Guides for Financial Decisions, Worksheets, and Fact Sheets that can be downloaded, printed, and completed by the consumer. Two examples are the “Act fast if you can’t pay your credit cards” guide which outlines steps you can take when working with your credit card companies during a financial hardship. Another, the Tax Time Worksheet, “Make the most of your tax refund,” leads the user through a series of questions to determine what percentage of a tax return to save and possible categories for using the money.

Finally, the CFPB website has a special feature on protecting your finances during the Coronavirus pandemic. Relevant topics include mortgage relief options, avoiding scams while finding help, and resources for small businesses. Consumers in all demographics will find helpful information as they navigate the uncertainty they face during the pandemic.

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