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Two new Wyoming State Geological Survey (WSGS) annual summary reports highlight Wyoming’s energy industry during the last decade. The reports give a brief overview of the state’s recent oil, natural gas, and coal production, and the factors that have affected that production.

Oil and Natural Gas Resources in Wyoming details the contribution of each major Wyoming basin—Bighorn, Denver, Greater Green River, Powder River, and Wind River—to the state’s total production. The report also reviews changes in the industry, including large oil and gas development projects, pipelines, and drilling trends in the state.

Coal Resources in Wyoming focuses on challenges faced by the state’s coal industry in 2019, including company bankruptcies and changes in the electricity generating market, such as coal-fired power plant retirements. Despite the steady decline in production over the last few years, Wyoming remains the top coal-producing state in the nation, producing about 40 percent of the country’s total in 2018 and 2019.

Find more information regarding Wyoming’s energy industry and other Wyoming Geological Survey publications in the WSL’s State Publications database.

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