State Library Commemorates 125 Years of Wyoming Statehood

Wyoming at 125July 10, 1890 was the magical date Wyoming became a state. However, the formal celebration of Wyoming’s statehood wouldn’t occur until 13 days later on July 23, 1890. Events were recounted in two Wyoming newspapers of the time, the Cheyenne Daily Sun and the Wyoming Commonwealth. The Cheyenne Daily Sun had a headline of “A GREAT DAY.”

The Wyoming State Library offers a free online exhibit to commemorate the celebration of our official statehood. Visitors can explore festivities from 1890 through archived editions of the aforementioned newspapers. You’ll find notable documents, recreated audio of the ceremony, and links to the historic Wyoming newspapers that recounted the event. Join us as we celebrate “A Great Day.”

The Wyoming State Library is excited to present this online exhibit. With all of its pomp and circumstance, all the speeches and presentations, July 23, 1890 was a celebration of the culminating efforts, struggles, and compromises that lead to statehood.

Visit the exhibit at

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