Statistical Insights and World Population Day

Jul 11, 2021

Graphic reads "World Population Day, July 11"July 11 is World Population Day, and you can find great resources on this topic in

In the resources, we have access to Statistical Insights, containing state, federal and international statistical publications and information. Search “world population” (by putting your search terms in quotes take the results from over 78,000 down to 5800!) or try a search “international statistics” 2021 for tables such as: Total World Population and Projections 1980-2050, or World Population by Continent 1970-2050.

Statistical Insights includes Statistical Abstracts of the World, a comprehensive summary of statistics on the social, political, and economic conditions. By selecting a country, you can get country-level data not easily found elsewhere, as reported by the statistical offices of individual countries. Within Statistical Abstracts of the World is the UN Demographic Yearbook and World Development Indicators.

If you like statistics and tables, Statistical Insights is the place for you! Find it in Browse Databases by Title. You can access Statistical Insights from, available in your local library or from home with a Wyoming library card and PIN. For assistance, check with your library or contact Chris Van Burgh, Database Instruction Librarian at the Wyoming State Library,

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