Steve Rzasa Moving on From Johnson County Library

Dec 9, 2022


Steve Rzasa

After 14 years with the Johnson County Library, three as its director, Steve Rzasa is leaving the library in January.

He’s moving on to a new job as a ghostwriter of nonfiction books for Speak It To Book. The company employs skilled writers to use audio recordings and transcription that bring clients’ voices and ideas to life. He’ll also work more on his own science-fiction, fantasy, and superhero novels.

Prior to joining the library in September of 2008, Steve was a newspaper journalist in Maine and briefly in Buffalo. His initial responsibilities included the library newsletter and circulation. He also assisted with both teen programming and local history. A few years later he took on technical service duties. His responsibilities again broadened during the expansion project process from 2013 to 2016, in terms of graphic design and assisting with public relations. When Cynthia Twing retired in 2019, he was hired as the library’s director.

“It’s been a great run serving the people of Johnson County,” he said. “I’m grateful especially for the support of my board of trustees, the teams we have in place at Buffalo and Kaycee, and the Wyoming library directors.”

During his time as director, the library streamlined staff work processes and upgraded equipment, both of which freed up time and made tasks easier. He steered the library through a couple years of extremely reduced revenues and reductions in both staff and operating hours, which they’re still recovering from. The public health crisis, however, brought what may have been his most serious challenge.

“Probably the biggest achievement was shepherding the library through the crisis time of the COVID-19 pandemic,” he said. “This included developing a curbside service as well as creating a staggered reopening process that gradually brought the library back to ‘normal’ over the year after the pandemic broke out.”

Steve’s planning to stick around in Buffalo a while, although his new job may offer him more flexibility for travel. He’s currently working with his board to ensure a smooth transition.

“My hope is the new library director will be able to build on the work the staff and I have accomplished so that we can continue to improve service to the communities of Buffalo and Kaycee,” he said “I hope for a person who can dream up better ideas than mine!”

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