Still Time to Take a Mango Language Course

May 23, 2018

Tell us about a Mango Languages class you or a patron took, and we’ll send you a water bottle.

Does your summer include some foreign travel? Is there a language you have been meaning to brush up on? Now is the time before Mango Languages goes away on June 30.

Check out these short courses/specialty courses:

  • Spanish for Librarians
  • Medical Spanish
  • Wine and Cheese (French)
  • Text Talk (Spanish)
  • Feng Shui (Mandarin Chinese)

…and, Pirate!

Of course, you still have 72 languages to choose from. There are some really cool ones, including Cherokee, Biblical Hebrew, and Shakespearean English.

Let us know what you or a patron studied and we will send you your very own Mango water bottle. Either respond in the comments or send Chris Van Burgh an email at Hurry! Our supplies are limited!

Starting July 1 you will have access to Pronunciator, the language learning resource purchased by the University of Wyoming for statewide use. Find it on our GoWYLD Language Learning page where Mango is located now.

If you have a question about this or any other article, please contact us at

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