Summer Reading Happenings at Washakie County

Jun 27, 2017

Summer reading is in full swing around the state. Shelly Nitchman at Washakie County Library shared these facts and photos about programs going on in Worland.

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Building a pallet garden: These were “Vertical Gardening.” The library used one-liter pop bottles, opened the sides and stapled them to pallets while the slats were vertical. The kids put their names on their bottle, put in the dirt and seeds. Library staff have watered them daily and on June 29, the kids can take their “planter” off the pallet and take them home.

Building a suspension bridge: The library had a “Building Bridges” day. Kids divided into two groups. First, they made a regular bridge from three-foot piece of heavy cardboard placed between two chairs and piled on about 10 books before the bridge collapsed. Then, they added ropes and made them into suspension bridges to see how much more they could hold. The suspension bridges collapsed with between 35-40 books.

Volunteer Lyle Spence and the yo-yo crew: The “Yo-Yo Demo” featured local resident Lyle Spence. He explained how yo-yos work, demonstrated several tricks, and gave yo-yos he and his wife donated to all the kids present. Andrew McIntosh, an 11-year-old patron going into sixth grade did several other tricks and talked about how he learned to be a yo-yo person.

Musical parade around the library: The “Making Music” day started with Dan Frederick from Hedge Music showing and demonstrating several common instruments. Then participants made musical instruments from recycled items — drums, harmonicas, kazoos, and guitars.  The kids used their instruments to have a parade from the back of the library to the front and to the back again.

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