Sweetwater County Library Patrons “Hunt a Killer”

Mar 22, 2024

Two female librarians hold a "Hunt a Killer" mystery game

Sweetwater county Library staff, Becky Iwen and Bianca Alderson with “Hunt a Killer” mystery game components

The staff and patrons of the Sweetwater County Library System spent the cold Wyoming winter months solving a fictional mystery together.

It all started when a patron donated a 6-part “Hunt a Killer” mystery game boxed set. “Hunt a Killer”, coined as “America’s Hardest Murder Mystery Game,” is an immersive mystery game is played in six sessions; for each session, players use a box filled with clues and physical items that can be used to crack the case and find the fictional killer.

Sweetwater County Library staff, Becky Iwen and Bianca Alderson, lead community members through a multi-week “Hunt a Killer” program.  The group was successful in solving the mystery and catching the killer.

“It was a perfect event for the cold winter months,” said Sweetwater Library Director, Lindsey Travis.

The Sweetwater Library hosts many programs for patrons of all ages throughout the year. Find more information on events at the Sweetwater County Library System libraries here.

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