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Aug 15, 2017

2017 “What the Tech is That?”

If you missed it, check out the presentation slides and list of links from this year’s “What the Tech is That?” presentation at the Wyoming Library Association conference.

What the Tech? List of Tech from WLA 2017

  • Epic!: Digital library for kids 12 & under. Accessible on any device. www.getepic.com
  • iMovie Trailers: Create fun, Hollywood-style movie trailers from your videos. photos.app.goo.gl/JD6EuD44snUgfioH3
  • Hugo Hubble: Alexa-enabled, robotic, smart camera, reads facial expressions and senses emotions. Not yet available, but check at hubbleconnected.com/hugo.html
  • 3D printing designers
    • Melissa NG com fun fashion with 3D printing
    • Anouk Wipprecht (anoukwippercht.nl) Technology couture with sensors embedded in design
    • Danit Peleg (com) more fashion that can be printed at home.
    • Iris Van Herpen (http://www.irisvanherpen.com) fusing technology and traditional Couture craftsmanship.
  • CIA.gov: website with CIA maps, headquarters tour, intelligence literature, world factbook, & world leaders, as well as a special section for K-9 Corps. www.cia.gov
  • Sugarcane: Educational game creator. www.sugarcane.com
  • Camtasia: Fee based video recorder/editor. www.techsmith.com/video-editor.html
  • Plickers: clickers that can be used in the classroom or library. www.plickers.com
  • NetGalley: website with ARC’s and egalleys available for review. www.netgalley.com
  • Edelweiss: another site with ARC’s and egalleys available for review. edelweiss.abovethetreeline.com
  • Google Trips: app that gathers your travel information from Gmail and Inbox, then organizes it automatically. get.google.com/trips/
  • Google Earth Voyager: Showcase of interactive, curated guided tours of places around the earth. earth.google.com, then click “Voyager” in left-hand column.
  • Planbook: fee-based lesson book/scheduling tool for educators. www.planbook.com
  • Ozoblockly: Learn simple coding to control your own ozobot. www.ozoblockly.com
  • StoryCorps: archive of more than 65,000 interviews; one of the largest born-digital collections of human voices. storycorps.org
  • Animoto: fee-based video creation service. www.animoto.com
  • Eat Your Books: website that organizes your recipes. www.eatyourbooks.com
  • ELBOW Cassette Player: Concept tech. Allows user to connect cassette tapes to digital player. www.elbow.co.nf
  • EyeNote: assistive technology app that helps you read money denominations. www.eyenote.gov
  • Biblionasium: “Goodreads for Elementary Students” and now integrated with Follett Destiny. www.biblionasium.com
  • Clips: Shareable, editable video app for iOS. Find in iTunes store.
  • Photomath: Assistive technology app for doing math. photomath.net
  • BARD Mobile: Assistive Technology app. Offers downloadable Braille and audio reading material. Must be registered to use the app. nlsbard.loc.gov
  • Map of Life: discover, identify, and record biodiversity worldwide. Also view species range map and inventory. www.mol.org
  • Tripit: helps you build your itinerary with dates, times, directions, maps, and weather. www.tripit.com
  • Classcraft: classroom management app that uses gaming to direct students’ motivation. www.classcraft.com

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