Take Advantage of Grants to Further Your Continuing Education

Jan 23, 2023

Graphic reads GRANT ALERT with image of megaphoneDon’t let the price tag stop you from attending that conference, signing up for that workshop, taking that online course (in-person or online), or pursuing that degree or library media endorsement!

Money for continuing education is available to those working or volunteering in Wyoming libraries through Carol McMurry Library Endowment Individual Grants.


Applications are accepted six times during the year:

  • January 31 for events beginning after March 1
  • March 31 for events beginning after May 1
  • May 31 for events beginning after July 1
  • July 31 for events beginning after September 1
  • September 30 for events beginning after November 1
  • November 30 for events beginning after January 1

Application process

Best yet, grants are easy to apply for. The simple application form asks for projected costs, why you chose the event or course, and how it will benefit your career. They’re administered by the Wyoming Community Foundation, so you’ll create a WYCF account to apply.

Reporting is simple as well. Just be sure to turn it in after the event! Applicants are ineligible for future grants if they did not submit a final report on one they received.

Library grants

In addition to the individual grants, the McMurry Foundation offers grants to libraries for Education & Training, Library Resources, and Library Foundation Development. Deadlines for these are March 15 with notification by June 15, and September 15 with notification by December 15.

Learn more

Access applications for both types of grants from the WYCF. Learn more about the Carol McMurry Library Endowment on the Wyoming State Library website. Questions? Contact Brian Greene, WSL Library Development Manager, at brian.greene@wyo.gov or (307) 777-6339.


If you have a question about this or any other article, please contact us at statelibrary@wyo.gov

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