Take and Share a Library Shelfie Today

Today is #LibraryShelfieDay. We’ve seen it celebrated two different ways: 1) take a photo of bookshelf spines and share it on social media, or 2) take a selfie in front of the shelves. We went with the shelves + people option and gathered in front of some of our government documents. Ours aren’t technically selfie/shelfies since someone else had to hold the camera, but still, the WSL staff got in on the action. Take your own, Tweet them, and tag them with #LibraryShelfieDay to play along!

(L to R) Paige Bredenkamp, Thomas Ivie, Chris Van Burgh
(L to R) Jamie Markus, Paige Bredenkamp, Chris Van Burgh, Thomas Ivie, Abby Beaver, Brian Greene
(L to R) Thomas Ivie, Chris Van Burgh, Karen Kitchens, Abby Beaver, Susan Mark, Brian Greene

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