The Library: An Essential Service

Dec 13, 2018

At Natrona County Library on Wyoming Snapshot Day

By Jenn Beckstead
Reposted from Natrona County Library

Even in 2018, resources aren’t equitably available to everyone. The library levels the playing field. We offer resources and personal connection to everyone, every age, every demographic. You don’t even have to be a Natrona County or Wyoming resident to use the Library. In fact, our economy and tourism industry benefit from the services we provide visitors. People passing through Casper may stop in to browse, read the newspaper, check their email, print travel passes, get out of the elements, or a number of other reasons.

Here a just a few highlights you may not know are available to you.

The bookmobile is available for everyone to use. If you see it stopped in neighborhood or at a community event, feel free to hop aboard.

Books by Mail
You don’t have to be able to walk through the Library doors to access materials. The books by mail service is designed specifically for Natrona County residents who are homebound, temporarily or long term. Request the items you need, and the library mails them to you. Simply mail them back, with the paid postage, when you finish.

Interlibrary Loan
We’ve all been there. The last user didn’t bring it back. It didn’t survive past the 100th checkout and is no longer available for purchase. It’s specific and difficult to find. Well, the good news is you aren’t limited to the items available in this facility. Our interlibrary loan specialist can borrow items from other libraries in Wyoming and across the United States to fill your need.

Personalized Book Selections 
Are you finding yourself not knowing what to read next? Maybe the book you’re after isn’t currently available for checkout? Library staff are skilled at guiding you to find that next perfect book. Just ask! Love at first read may not happen on the initial suggestion, but keep coming back and we’ll keep recommending.

It’s Your Library
The Library belongs to the residents of Natrona County. In order for the library to feel like yours, it needs to include the materials you want to read, watch, play, or listen to. If you’ve searched the shelves and the catalog and it doesn’t appear the library has your item, make sure you place a request. The library will do our best to find that perfect item as quickly as possible and you’ll be contacted when it arrives.

Library staff may not be experts in everything, but we can help you find or become the expert you need.

Jenn Beckstead is the Teen Librarian at the Natrona County Library. Check with your local library to learn about the full breadth of services offered in your community.

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