Today’s Document: Citizen Archivist Takeover

The National Archives is always finding gems to feature on Today’s Document, and for the whole month of April, they’re hosting a citizen archivist takeover. Here’s your chance to see one of your favorites featured — and we have a few suggestions with Wyoming connections.

Participating is easy! Simply click their search link to browse documents from April (be patient — it was slow for us), or choose one of your own favorite April-dated docs. Once you’ve found a document you think would make a great feature, enter it through their submission form.

If we might suggest, here are a few that have a Wyoming connection:

You could also run with the Internet mania of cats, if you’d rather have “Photograph of Socks the Cat Posing Next to Easter Eggs Decorated with Paw Prints.” Regardless, you might see the document you’ve chosen featured on Today’s Document. So go vote for your favorite!

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