What a Great Snapshot Day!

Oct 11, 2017

Lincoln County Library — slaying a dragon or snuggling one?

We saw smiling faces and read happy comments from all over the state yesterday during our Wyoming Snapshot Day 2017 celebration yesterday, October 10. Snapshot Day shows the tremendous impact libraries have on their communities on just one day of the year. Multiply that impact year-round and it’s clear how libraries support their communities and transform lives.

You can see all the photos on Flickr (or view them by library) and read what library users had to say. In the meantime, we’ll share a few photos and comments here. There are so many good ones, we don’t have room to post every one of our favorites, but here’s a smattering to let you know how the day went.

[su_quote]It’s important to me because it’s a quiet place I can come. It’s like a corner of the world that is like no other place. — Riverton Branch Library young patron (under 18)[/su_quote]

Laramie County Library System Bookmobile

[su_quote]It saves my life! The library makes getting my homework done so much easier! I couldn’t get by without the help form everyone who works here! — Elisa Gonzalez, student, Gillette College Daly Library[/su_quote]

[su_quote]My kids learn so much from the library story time, summer reading program, math club, Lego club. My kids are always excited to learn something new at the library. We love the library! — Lincoln County Library patron[/su_quote]

Book Fair at Lovell Elementary School Library

[su_quote]My whole life the library has been a gathering place to connect, to learn, and explore what the world had available. The library was the starting place for my dreams to take root and fly. — La Barge Branch Library patron[/su_quote]

[su_quote]I love the activities. Living in a small community, kids and youth need the activities. The adult functions are great too. I especially love the meeting rooms! — Big Piney Library[/su_quote]

[su_quote]Books are my major leisure activity, providing both entertainment and education. Reading makes minds more inquisitive. I also appreciate the librarians who navigate the Internet for me. — Weston County Library patron[/su_quote]

Wiggle & Giggle Storytime at Laramie County Library

Using assistive technology at the Weston County Library.

[su_quote]The library is important to me because I like to read and without books, I wouldn’t know some of the things I know now. The library is also important, because it helps us learn how to stay safe online. — Park County School District 1 student[/su_quote]

[su_quote]It’s a great place to come, the atmosphere is good and the Library provides something for everyone. — Terry Anguiano, Greybull Branch Library patron[/su_quote]

Niobrara County Library

[su_quote]It has great resources for low-income families. Families don’t have to pay to use the computers; check-out movies, books or magazines; or take part in community classes and storytime — Park County Library patron[/su_quote]

[su_quote]It’s a place where I feel free, there is something to learn new things, hangout with friends. And you get homework done. Add an espresso machine! — teen patron, Moorcroft Branch Library[/su_quote]

Using the computers at the Campbell County Public Library System

Find links to much, much more on the Wyoming Snapshot Day website.

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