What Do You Love About Your Library?

Oct 11, 2018

What do you love about your library? Why is the library important to you?

We asked library patrons these questions on Wyoming Snapshot Day this week. Here is a selection from their responses. You can read them all over on the Snapshot Day website.

Elk Mountain Library
“The library is a place where I can get away from the house and be able to go to my online meeting. I also use the library for my obsession with GRAPHIC NOVELS!! :)”
Teen patron

Rock Springs Library
“The activities for my child that inspire her, encourage her, and create a love for the written word! I also love the feel — surrounded by books full of adventures just waiting for me to experience!”

Converse County Library
“I can see the world — anytime — here, and the library makes the information age real.”
George Yarborough

“The Douglas Library is my favorite place in the world!”
Kelly Easton

Weston County Library
“I bring my two younger kids up every week to get books on a specific topic. Then we spend the rest of the week reading and learning with all our fun books.”
Stephanie Cunningham

La Barge Branch Library
“La Barge Library is important to me because I like having easy access to the resources offered — be it books, movies, magazines, etc. It’s important in such a rural area to have the constancy of our local library.”

Meeteetse Branch Library
“I love books and learn so much.”

“I think it’s so neat that the branch library and the school library is combined in Meeteetse. Very nice place.”

Riverton Branch Library
“Love, love, love books and welcoming public places with free Wi-Fi.”

“I’ve always been a library patron. I would be in a world of hurt without books. I can’t imagine a world without libraries.”

Thayne Branch Library
“Nothing beats the feel and smell of a book and the comfort of a library. I hope my children and all future generations always have access to a library.”
Emily Hall

“It’s a great place to be. The people who work here are excellent, friendly, and helpful. I like the book selection. It’s nice to see activities for kids. That is so important.”

Powell Branch Library
“Libraries hold vast amounts of life and knowledge in the form of books. The fact that libraries provide free access to basically any book on the planet, to young and old, is invaluable.”
Caiti Bieber

“I have visited a library every week for 40 years. I began by bringing my children. Then I continued. I love to read, explore new places, learn about cooking, nature, crafts, etc.! My library card is the most important card in my wallet.”
Sandy Frost

“Calm! I love how I am immediately at peace when I walk through the doors. The relaxed atmosphere, the quiet, the friendly staff are nice to have in today’s crazy world. I love our library!”
Lacee Hooper

Greybull Branch Library
“The wonderful people at the library give me the joy of reading — I’ve traveled the world from this little library.
Janna Stamstad

Sublette County Library
“I love bringing the students to the Library every Tuesday. The kids are learning about various topics and themes, and incorporating song and dance to the themes of the books. It is a great outlet for kids to reach their full potential.”
Preschool teacher

Alpine Branch Library
“Our entire week revolves around story time! My kids love it! Living in a small town, we are so happy to have something uplifting and fun to do.”
Tina Crowther

Gillette College Daly Library
“Our library has everything I need to be successful! It’s a wonderful place to either get some work done or have some quiet time.”

“Libraries are where all my dearest memories are.”


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