Why College Students Choose to Use Library Resources

From Cengage Learning

college library (pixabay)Cengage Learning asked thousands of college students, “What do you like about using library resources to do your research?” Here are the top seven reasons they choose to use library resources for assignments:

  1. They can access a vast array of resources at (or through) the library.
  2. They can trust the quality of the library’s resources.
  3. It’s easy and convenient for students to find what they need at the library.
  4. They want (and need) the assistance of librarians and library staff.
  5. The library offers an environment conducive to study and research.
  6. Library resources help students use and cite materials accurately.
  7. The library offers computers and Internet service, which make it possible for them to complete their assignments.

Read the full story over on the Cengage Learning blog, and also check out their post on Why Some Students Don’t Use the College Library.

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