Why is the Library Important to You?

Nov 17, 2020

We asked library patrons that question on Wyoming Snapshot Day last month. Here is a selection from their responses. You can read them all on the Snapshot Day website.

Alpine Branch Library

“I would never have survived the virus without our wonderful library. The pick up service was a life-changer for me. A million thanks! I really am nuts about the Alpine Library.”
Nancy Hale

Glenrock Branch Library

“The library is important to me because there are all my friends here and there are so many books to escape into, and there are computers which hold my favorite games.”
Patron under the age of 18

Big Horn County Library

“It’s a great place for my kids to learn. They have any book imaginable and provide Storytime and crafts to them. The information available is priceless and the staff is great.”
Rebecca Burbridge

Lincoln County Library

“I enjoy the library. The librarians are nice, they help me with the internet which I can’t afford at home. It is a nice place to relax and lots of good books to read.”

“Because I know when I come in I will get help.”

Crest Hill Elementary School

4th and 5th grade students

“Libraries are important to me because they are one of the only ways I get to read more books and I get to learn a lot from books.”

“It’s a safe place and it’s a non-judgmental place.”

Star Valley Branch Library

“Libraries help people get smarter and help people get a better imagination.”
Porter, age 10

“I love the way you guys are always up on the newest tech and trends! (and books!)”

Ten Sleep Branch/School Library

“I love my Ten Sleep Library because I always find wonderful and interesting information, and the staff is phenomenal.”
D. G.

Guernsey Branch Library

“In a rural community the library is vital for education and entertainment.”
Wendy Robertson

Meeteetse Branch Library

“I wouldn’t know what to do without all the expert assistance I receive and always with patience and a smile.”

Campbell County Public Library

“It provides a place for me to study and get all the resources I need for writing papers for college. This is very important because my education is being done all online.”

“I would not be able to get library materials if Dana [Outreach Specialist] didn’t bring them for me. As I have very limited mobility, books are an important outlet for me.”

Park County Library

“I love to read and the library always has new books. Also, the library staff is so friendly and informative.”
Jean Collier

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