Women’s History Month: Women in Science

Mar 15, 2022

Female scientist looking through microscope in laboratory.Celebrate Women’s History Month by learning more about women in science. One of the many reliable research databases in GoWYLD.net is Science (Gale In Context).

In this resource, you can browse by eight different topics, such as chemistry, biology, math, engineering, and technology. Within the topic, you can scroll through specific subjects, theories, and people. There is also a topic specific for biographies.

Check out Gladys West, a mathematician known for her contributions to the development of the satellite geodesy models, the precursors to the Global Positioning System (GPS). Or learn more about Patricia Bath, the first African-American woman to receive a patent for a medical invention in 1988. She developed a laser device to remove cataracts (Thank you Patricia!). Also, Regina Benjamin, who was appointed to the post of U.S. Surgeon General in 2009 by President Barack Obama.

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