World Book Night Application

Jul 26, 2012

(Form is attachment in this link to World Book Night Group in ALA Connect)

WORLD BOOK NIGHT 2013 is a celebration of literacy by publishers, bookstores, libraries and individuals who love books and reading. On WORLD BOOK NIGHT 2013, 25,000 “book givers” will each give away 20 copies of a specially-printed, not-for-resale WBN edition of book they have read and loved (from a list of 25-30 titles selected by librarians and booksellers) to complete strangers – people who may never have owned a book of their own. To promote this literacy event, libraries and bookstores – as organizational participants in the event – form a nationwide advocacy and distribution network.

WORLD BOOK NIGHT 2013 library organizational participants are making a commitment to (1) be a site for individual “book giver” volunteers* to pick up their shipment of books and (2) be an active advocate in their community for World Book Night 2013 and literacy. (*Individuals in your community interested in being a “book giver” volunteer will be asked to complete the application on the World Book Night website, available in Fall 2012.)

WORLD BOOK NIGHT 2013 library organizational participants are committing to do the following:
· Agree to be listed as a World Book Night organizational participant on a list for potential “book givers.”
· Promote World Book Night within the library – for instance, by creating a display of WBN books, using the regular (“trade”) editions in the library’s own collection.

· Have a designated World Book Night coordinator to handle shipment receipt, contact “book givers” in their area, receive WBN email updates and advocacy resources

· Supply a shipping address (accessible by UPS) and be open to receive boxes for area “book givers”

· Be a site where “book givers” may pick up their shipment of books, to be given away to light or non-readers in the community to encourage literacy and an appreciation of books

· Invite givers to an open house/reception the week before World Book Night (see schedule below)

· Make copies of informational materials supplied by WBN to give to each book giver along with their box

· Work in their local area, with local media and organizations, to promote World Book Night and literacy, (see promotion schedule below)

· Give unused books (for instance, boxes of books not picked up by the designated “book giver”) to local nonprofit groups identified by the library (for instance, senior centers, teen centers)

· Week of April 1: Receive names of book givers who have selected your library as their pick up site (notification will be made by the American Library Association)
· Week of April 8, 2013: Receive, check in and store WBN “book giver” boxes for givers who have chosen your library as a pickup point; email or call givers to let them know their box has arrived; invite givers to an open house/reception (week of April 15) to pick up their box; make copies of the “giver letter” and certificates (from WBN) to give to each book giver along with their box.

· Contact Ingram Book Co. (contact information to be supplied in early 2013). If the “book giver” box does not arrive by April 15.

· Week of April 15, 2013: Hold an open house or reception to welcome “book givers,” members of the local media, and other friends and supporters.

· Week of April 22, 2013: Be open Monday and Tuesday for last minute box pick up, celebrate a successful World Book Night community outreach, share your stories. World Book Night is April 23.

If you have questions, please contact Mary Ghikas ( or Danielle Alderson (
Please return the attached commitment form to American Library Association, attn. MPS-WBN, 50 E. Huron Street, Chicago, IL 60611-2795 — or fax to 312- 280-5013 or pdf to by Sept. 1, 2012

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