WSL Joins in Women’s Suffrage Celebration

Two women in suffragist costume standing on dais with Wyoming flag in foreground.
Members of the League of Her Own troupe.

The Wyoming State Library’s Chris Van Burgh, as a member of the Governor’s Council for Women’s Suffrage Celebrations, was at a dedication ceremony Monday honoring Esther Hobart Morris.

Wyoming’s first historic Pomeroy Marker was installed at Morris’s house, commemorating Morris’s contributions to the women’s suffrage movement. This event was in collaboration with the National Votes for Women Trail (NVWT), a committee of the National Collaborative for Women’s History Sites (NCWHS), the Pomeroy Foundation, the Governor’s Council for Women’s Suffrage Celebrations, and the owners of the Historic Morris Home, Mr. and Mrs. John and Maria Kopper. These markers are located throughout the nation and help tell the story of women’s suffrage.

Kodi Gerhold and Jennifer Martinez in the Wyoming Secretary of State’s Office, on behalf of the Governor’s Council, worked on the application process to have the marker installed. The Office issued the formal invitations to the event.

Speakers included Wyoming Governor Mark Gordon and Secretary of State Edward Buchanan. The League of Her Own acting troupe, sponsored by the Cheyenne League of Women Voters presented a short play featuring Esther Morris, Amalia Post, Julia Bright, and Theresa Jenkins.

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