WYLD Board Thanks Brian Greene

Brian Greene, “Our WYLD Hero!” Today, the WYLD Governing Board honored Brian, who managed the WYLD Office at the Wyoming State Library for 16 years.

The WYLD Governing Board honored Brian Greene today for his many years of service to the WYLD Network.

Brian with Wyoming State Librarian Jamie Markus.

“The WYLD Governing Board appreciates Brian’s 16 years of leadership,” said Jamie Markus, Wyoming State Librarian. “His vision saw WYLD through many changes and improvements. We’re grateful for all he’s done for the libraries out in the state.”

Greene has worked 25 years for the Wyoming State Library. Currently, he is the WSL’s Library Development Manager, a position he moved into in October of last year after 16 years at the helm as the WYLD Program Manager.

Greene’s also been an active member of the Wyoming Library Association for more than 24 years,¬†serving as President from 2007-08. He was named WLA Librarian of the Year in 1999.

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