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That Pesky Pickle
Jamie Cannon, illus. Gene Schrader
Independently published, 2019

I was instantly smitten with the darling pickle in a bow tie, socks, and pair of glasses, such a clever looking fellow! It was obvious that this book would be an adventurous read for both me and my daughters. The story had a pace that flowed really well and kept all of our attention as we journeyed along the ups and downs with “That Pesky Pickle.” Many of the aspects in the story are things my daughters and many other children love, such adventures, treats, and making new friends. That Pesky Pickle brought these things together in itself own special way, and that is undoubtedly important for keeping kids involved and attentive to a story. The illustrations are very delightful and have a nice balance of detail and room left for a child’s imagination to fill out. I find it an added bonus to a children’s book when children can add their own spin to illustrations and storylines, supplementing what they are seeing and hearing and That Pesky Pickle did just that. From my first look at the book I found myself thinking that this is a genuinely cute character that can continue to be developed for additional stories, and by the end of the story I was certain “That Pesky Pickle” would be well-suited for many adventures and making more friends along the way!

Robyn Hinds, Interlibrary Loan Technician
Wyoming State Library

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