Wyoming Libraries Snapshot Day 2012

Oct 18, 2012

On Tuesday, October 16th Wyoming Libraries took place in Snapshot Day. Libraries from all over the state sent in pictures of activities and people in and around Wyoming Libraries.

Snapshot Day: Wyoming libraries make a big impact every single day
More than 60 libraries participated in the third Wyoming Libraries Snapshot Day on Oct. 16, contributing 600 photos and numerous comments showing the importance of libraries in their communities.
Here’s a smattering of what Wyomingites had to say about their libraries:
  • “I receive so much help from people that work in the library. They are all wonderful!”
  • “Gives me a place to study, work on assignments or even just to relax in a safe place where I’m not distracted by other things that can cause a college student to be less productive in their work”
  • “My children have learned such great things from the amazing books in the Children’s Library! “
  • “Living in a rural area, the library is vital for encountering new ideas from around the world. I enjoy the wide variety of fiction and non-fiction the library offers.”
  • “The library is important to my family because it exposes my 4-year-old to a vast selection of good books that I could never afford to buy.”
  • “What I like about the library? To read Junie B. Jones. I love it so much. I also read Halloween books. ” (first grade student)
On Snapshot Day, Tuesday, Oct. 16, libraries that are part of the WYLD system:
  • Circulated 18,893 items
  • Issued 123 new library cards
  • Added 23,282 items to their collections
The WYLD system includes all Wyoming public and community college libraries, as well as a number of school and special libraries.
From data collected annually by the Wyoming State Library, we estimate that on Tuesday, Oct. 16, there were:
  • 25,565 visits to public, academic and school libraries
  • 2,556 people using a public library computer
  • 5,059 reference questions answered in public and academic libraries
  • 850 children and teens who attended programs at their public libraries
  • 11,063 items downloaded from a WYLD licensed database
Photos, comments and more may be found on the Wyoming Snapshot Day website at wyomingsnapshot.weebly.com

Check out our Flickr feed to see all of the uploads and thanks to everyone that participated!

If you have a question about this or any other article, please contact us at statelibrary@wyo.gov

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