Wyoming Monuments and Markers Online Map

Wondering what those historic markers along the highway are all about? Never have time to stop as you drive by at highway speeds? Wyoming State Parks and Cultural Resources has announced a new and searchable Monuments and Markers Interactive Map.

The GIS-based database contains a profile for each of the 1,000+ monuments and markers, including the name, longitude/latitude, and a description of the significance to Wyoming’s history or prehistory.

In addition, approximately half of the markers also contain a photograph of the monument or marker. This program will greatly aid the public searching for information on geological features, historical events, and people who have shaped Wyoming’s rich history, be it for educational, tourism or other purposes.

When you’re done exploring this map, head on over to the State Library’s Wyoming Places from the State Library for more information on the state’s unique locales. Places is one of six Wyoming-specific resources found in our Digital Collection Suite.

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