Year-End Library Fundraising Starts Now

Feb 16, 2017

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It’s only February, so who wants to think about year-end fundraising? If you’re raising money for your library, it’s not too soon. Fundraising is a continuous process, and your organization’s plan should reflect that. If you want your donors to put you on their holiday gift list, keep in touch with them throughout the year. CauseVox offers the following tips for things you can do now:

  • Educate your donors. Tell your library’s story. Let them know what their giving can accomplish.
  • Activate and engage. Give them opportunities to connect with your library through social media. Recruit them to volunteer.
  • Thank them. Thank donors promptly when they give. Make it personal — have a board member sign the letter or call. When you thank them, make THEM the hero. Tell them what they have accomplished with their gift.
  • Look for corporate sponsors. Many have started a new fiscal year and have the money in their budgets to give now.
  • Encourage matching gifts. Donors love seeing their dollars doubled. Encourage them to check with their employers. When you get a matching gift opportunity, publicize it.
  • Plan for #GivingTuesday. Nonprofits have started focusing on the Tuesday after Thanksgiving as a day to donate to favorite causes. Check out the website now for resources.

Lay the groundwork now, and see the benefits later when you send out your year-end appeal.

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