AASL Resource Guide for Underserved Student Populations

From the American Association of School Librarians

Today, many marginalized students face adversity inside and outside the classroom. School librarians are in a unique position to help these underserved student populations overcome these barriers by offering resources and support and advocating on their behalf. School librarians must recognize the particular needs of underserved students in order to develop effective library services and strategies to ensure that these students are academically successful.

A new toolkit from the American Association of School Librarians (AASL), the Resource Guide for Underserved Student Populations, brings together a wealth of resources available to aid school librarians working with students in five underserved populations: children in foster care, homeless children, children of incarcerated parents, children of migrant workers, and children in non-traditional families.

Find this and other toolkits on the AASL website.

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