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Webinar: Getting Started With Ancestry Library

ProQuest Ancestry logoLooking for tips on how to get started using Ancestry Library Edition for family research? This is the session for you! This 30-minute webinar will provide tips for getting started with genealogy. ProQuest will review the content included in Ancestry Library Edition as well as some tips on searching. This session is appropriate for beginners – both librarians looking to help patrons and library patrons who want to use the library edition of this popular family research tool.

Getting Started With Ancestry Library Edition:

In response to the pandemic, ProQuest has made Ancestry Library Edition available for home use with a Wyoming library card and PIN through March 31, 2021. As of April 1, Ancestry will only be available for in-library use.

Ancestry Library Edition is one of several genealogy resources available in Questions about the GoWYLD databases? Contact your local library for assistance, or contact Chris Van Burgh, Wyoming State Library Database Instruction Librarian, at

Presidents Day Resources in

Presidents Day is just around the corner. There are many places to find out about the presidents of the United States — resources for young kids, the older student doing research, or for the curious adult. And they’re all in! (Ok, not all, but it sure beats Google.)

Let’s start with research needs for elementary and middle school. SIRS Discoverer has created a topic called, U.S. Presidents and First Ladies. Here, students can click on a picture to get to biographical information, articles, and a timeline. There is also a link to find out more, which launches a search in the database. That search will include links to nonfiction e-books (in full text). The main page of Presidents and First Ladies can be sorted by “trending” or alphabetically, depending on the student’s needs.

For the older student, select Biography (Gale In Context), and go into Browse People. Use the drop-down menu to select American Presidents, American First Ladies, or American Vice Presidents. Results pages include multiple biographies, images, magazine articles, primary sources, and audio and video.

These databases are available in school, in your library, and from home. You may be asked for your library card number and pin to access remotely. Go to and select from the alphabetical list.

Spread the word about these resources with our promotional poster, ready to print or share by email or social media. If you need assistance with any resources, contact your local library or  contact Chris Van Burgh, Database Instruction Librarian, at

Celebrate World Read Aloud Day!

Cartoon turtle with megaphone holding books with confetti in air. Text reads "World Read Aloud Day"Today is World Read Aloud Day. For a different slant on this celebration… have someone read to you! For kids, try Bookflix, with stories read in English and in Spanish. Poets On Screen, a resource for adults, lets you hear poetry read out loud.

Both are free to Wyoming residents — accessible with a library card from any Wyoming public or community college library, or from the Wyoming State Library.


Bookflix includes fictional video storybooks read by authors and celebrities. Enjoy a story read by Claire Danes, Kathy Bates, John Lithgow, or Merle Streep or read by the authors, Mem Fox, Jane Yellen, Karma Wilson.

There are nine categories, such as Family and Community, Imagination, Earth and Sky, and Celebrations. In each category there are pairs of video storybooks and related nonfiction ebooks, along with additional early reader material such as, “which came first,” “fact or fiction,” and “word match.” There are 37 titles in Spanish, including Chato’s Kitchen, Don’t Let the Pigeon Drive the Bus! and Click Clack Moo.

Listen to these wonderful stories by going to and selecting the Kids K-8 subject area. Note that there are two links, one for in the library and one for using from home. If you are not in the library, you will be asked for your library card number and pin.

Poets On Screen

Listen to poets read their works, and sometimes tell you the story behind it. Check out Robert Bly reading  “After Drinking All Night with a Friend, We Go Out in a Boat at Dawn to See Who Can Write the Best Poem.” Or, Gillian Clarke reading “Red Poppy,” Wendy Cope reading “Waste Land Limericks,” or Billy Collins reading “The Country.”

You can also listen to poets reading famous works by long ago poets. For example, Patience Agbabi reading William Blake, Tennyson, Phyllis Wheatley, or Shakespeare, and Christopher Logue reading the works of Pablo Naruda.

Find Poets On Screen and more poetry resources by going to selecting the Literature subject area, then clicking on the Poetry tab on the left.


Contact Chris Van Burgh, Wyoming State Library Database Instruction Librarian, at or check with your local library.

Multicultural Children’s Book Day in GoWYLD

Cartoon images of children from multiple cultures all reading booksToday is Multicultural Children’s Book Day! This event focuses on the amazing children’s books available that celebrate diversity.

Did you know you can locate multicultural children’s books using Both Novelist Plus and Books & Authors offer book suggestions. (Find both under Recommended Reading.)

Try using the subject “interracial families” or the theme “all kinds of families” in Novelist Plus. Novelist Plus also has, under Especially for/Working with Youth (top right tool bar), a category for Diverse Books. Here you will find articles and lists written by library staff. This area includes diversity in teen fiction, graphic novels, LGBTQIA, easy readers, picture books, and early chapter books,

Use the advanced search in Books & Authors to look for multicultural and, under Limiters, audience (children). Find books from folk tales and nursery tales from around the world to multicultural devotionals. Changing your keyword search to diversity (Limiter children), brings up many picture books introducing diversity.

Bookflix, an early reader resource, offers full text of fiction and nonfiction book pairs and video readings of the stories. Explore Family and Community or use the Resources and Tools icon in the top right and search diversity for book pairs and lesson plans. Find Bookflix under Kids K-8.

Download e-books and e-audiobooks for kids and teens from cloudLibrary on such topics as family, politics, and social themes. The State Library recently added nearly 50,000 items for K-12 readers to cloudLibrary, so you’ll find a large collection.

Questions about resources? Contact Chris Van Burgh, Wyoming State Library Database Instruction Librarian, at

Idioms and National Geographic Virtual Library

Book cover: I'm Not Hanging Noodles on Your EarsThink National Geographic is just magazines? It is so much more! From, you have access to National Geographic Virtual Library. This resource is free to every Wyoming resident using your public or community college library card.

Here you will find the magazines for sure. (every page of every issue, 1888-present) But, you will also discover books, images, and National Geographic Traveler. I discovered a fascinating book, I’m Not Hanging Noodles on Your Ears and Other Intriguing Idioms from Around the World, by Bahalla, Jag. Since we are in the middle of a pandemic, I went straight to the chapter, Emotional States.

  • To walk with a suitcase (to be in a bad mood-Spanish, Chile)
  • Stand like a watered poodle (crestfallen-German)
  • Bang your butt on the ground (die laughing-French)

Other chapters give us

  • Cooked like a lobster (exhausted-Italian)
  • One hand cannot hold two watermelon (one thing at a time-Farsi)
  • A kind word warms for three winters (proverb-Chinese)

To search books within the National Geographic resource, you have a couple of options. You can search a specific title. You can use the Explore Topics, then select a category. For the above title, select People and Cultures. On the results list, you will see Books. Click on View All. You will find limiters on the left-hand side to narrow your search. Another way, go to the Advanced Search. Click in the Publication Title box for National Geographic Books. Then click Search. That will bring up all 323 titles. Again, there are limiters on the left-hand side.

These are full text and include images.

For assistance with National Geographic Virtual Library, or other resources, contact Chris Van Burgh,, or your local library.

Celebrating Edgar Allan Poe’s Birthday

Promotional handout for Edgar Allan Poe resources in Proquest Learning: Literature
Download the flyer (PDF).

Today, January 19, we celebrate the birthday of Edgar Allan Poe, an editor, writer and poet, who wrote touching lyrics to the macabre.

Most known for poems such as The Raven and short stories such as The Pit and the Pendulum, he also wrote The conchologist’s first book: a system of testaceous malacology, arranged expressly for the use of schools, in which the animals, according to Cuvier, are given with the shells, a great number of new species added, and the whole brought up, as accurately as possible, to the present condition of the science (Philadelphia, 1839) For a better understanding of this head scratcher of a title, check out this blog from the Smithsonian. There are copies of the book at the University of Wyoming.

Poe’s great hoax

Another lesser-known work of Poe’s is the novel,  The Journal of Julius Rodman: Being an Account of the First Passage Across the Rocky Mountains of North America Ever Achieved by Civilized Man (Philadelphia, 1840).

From the Edgar Allan Society of Baltimore (scroll down to Notes): “This tale is a prime example of Poe’s interest in maintaining a sense of realism in his fiction. The presentation here, uncredited to Poe in the tale itself or in the title page, must have fooled many readers into accepting what they read as fact. Indeed, an extract from the story appeared in government documents as authentic (26th Congress, 1st session, 1839-1840, vol 4. no. 174, pp. 140-141). Though it is certainly not among Poe’s more popular works, and received very little attention in his own time, it must certainly be accepted as one of Poe’s more successful hoaxes. Although Poe specifically claims that Rodman’s journeys predate those of Lewis and Clarke, their journals are the single most important source for the tale. By drawing the reader’s attention to Lewis and Clarke, even while denying any influence, Poe is intentionally, if only indirectly, acknowledging the source.”

Learn more with

There are good sources of information on Edgar Allan Poe in Britannica Library, Literature Online (LION), Biography (Gale In Context), and, a great resource for kids and adults, Proquest Learning: Literature. All are available to every Wyoming resident, accessible with a library card from any public or community college library.

In Proquest Learning: Literature you will find a biography of his life and works, reference, a bibliography (including the items listed above), and criticism. This database also includes KnowledgeNote Study Guides.

Poe, Edgar Allan, 1809-1849

Each Study Guide contains an author and plot overview, character notes and detailed summaries offering students guidance on literary style, themes and motifs.

In this same resource, you can also find the following Poe poems read by other poets:

Have questions about the resources? Contact Chris Van Burgh, Wyoming State Library Database Instruction Librarian, at or (307) 777-3642.

Ebooks for Young Wyoming Readers

Will your child or teen find a new phone or tablet under the Christmas tree this year? It can be used to open up a world of reading with online resources from the Wyoming State Library.

In response to the pandemic, the State Library purchased more than 6,000 new downloadable titles for young readers this year — 1,796 eaudiobooks and 4,950 ebooks. These are available at no cost to every Wyoming resident through cloudLibrary in

Children and teens will find a wide variety of fiction and nonfiction to enjoy. In fact, with this purchase, downloadable ebooks and audiobooks for young readers comprise approximately 30% of the electronic materials available.

The State Library offers nearly 30,000 titles and more than 50,000 copies of ebooks and eaudiobooks, so there’s plenty of reading material available for all ages. Go to and click on Digital Library at the top. Use your library card and PIN from any of the state’s public or community college libraries to access great reading on your computer, phone, or other device anywhere at any time. For assistance, contact your local library.

Digital Audio Moving to cloudLibrary

Although RBdigital will soon be discontinued, Wyomingites will still have access to their favorite downloadable audiobooks through cloudLibrary. The Wyoming State Library will migrate all previously purchased audio licenses to the cloudLibrary platform as of October 1, 2020.

Digital audio is already available in the cloudLibrary collection, and we’re adding more every week. As we make this transition, your patrons are still certain to find a great listen to inform or entertain — all of it accessible with a library card and PIN from any Wyoming public or community college library.

Patron information will not transfer from RBdigital to cloudLibrary; the data can be downloaded to keep track of checkouts, holds, and history. Patrons can download their history by logging in on the RBDigital website and then selecting My Account > Profile > Export My Transaction History.

Learn more about the transition from RBdigital to cloudLibrary and find downloadable audiobooks in

Take a Quick Tour of LinkedIn Learning

Heard about LinkedIn Learning but haven’t explored it yet? Take a quick tour of this new resource in this short video introduction with Matt Nagy, eLearning Coordinator for the State of Wyoming Department of Administration & Information

The Wyoming State Library recently added LinkedIn Learning to its GoWYLD Job & Career Support online resources. Access more than 6,500 video courses for career development in LinkedIn Learning with any Wyoming public or community college library card. It’s also available to state employees with a Wyoming State Library card.

Access to Linkedin Learning for Wyoming residents is supported by funding from the CARES Act via the Institute of Museum and Library Services.

Author Interviews in Novelist Plus

There’s yet another reason to love NoveList Plus: more than 700 PBS Books author interviews have been added to this resource. NoveList can be found in the Recommended Reading library guide.

These videos from conferences and book events include interviews, readings, and even answers to funny questions such as their favorite pizza toppings. Hear from authors such as Joyce Carol Oates, Tony DiTerlizzi, Judy Blume, Diane Gabaldon, Gabrielle Union, and more.

Use the link on the main page of NoveList Plus or search using the terms searching “ND Multimedia Content” or “TA PBS Books,” and enjoy getting to know your favorite authors.