Celebrate National School Librarian Day Today with the GPO

Apr 4, 2018

From the U.S. Government Publishing Office

April 4th is National School Librarian Day.  It’s a day all Americans, especially those with children, should actively honor all school librarians. School librarians spend their days keeping the library organized and helping children find the resources they want and need to keep learning. They are dedicated to their profession and to creating an environment where all visitors can learn every day of the year. All of this hard work too often goes unnoticed, even unappreciated.

Young minds needs to be nurtured.  Gently challenging those minds with good quality, by offering up interesting and new reading material and reference materials is what school librarians do best.

The U.S. Government Publishing Office (GPO) has a deep connection to the libraries across America, and the GPO’s Government Bookstore offers many publications that can benefit young minds. Read the full blog post for suggested titles and resources.

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