Community College Libraries and Student Success

Aug 10, 2017

A three-year study in North Carolina, Community College Libraries & Librarians and Student Success, found that students, faculty, and librarians agree that community college library services contribute to student success.  Specifically, the practice of embedded librarianship with faculty, the teaching of information literacy to students, library resources (print, non-print), individual and group study spaces, research databases and WiFi access support learning.

Students, faculty, and librarians also agreed that libraries benefit a wide range of student cohorts including students who need to catch up with their peers (i.e., basic skills, high school equivalency, English/reading skills) as well as those who need to keep up with their peers (i.e., first year progress, progress in chosen program of study, licensure/certification, and college transfer).

The project web page includes links to the full study report, a four-page infographic summarizing the study’s findings, the archived webinar coinciding with the study report’s public release, and the PowerPoint slides used in the webinar.

This study was supported by grant funds from the Institute of Museum and Library Services. It was conducted by the RSL Research Group, based in Louisville, Colorado. The report was co-authored by consulting principal investigator Keith Curry Lance, RSL vice-president and general manager Bill Schwarz, and RSL president Marcia J. Rodney.

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