Historical Utility Patents for Sunny Summer Fun

RG 241: Utility Patent Drawings. Patent No. 717,119. Hammock, 1902.
RG 241: Utility Patent Drawings. Patent No. 810,174. Oscillating Electric Fan, 1906.

Over on The Unwritten Record, a blog from the National Archives, they’ve gathered a fun selection of the summertime utility patents. From their blog post:

Summertime seems to have been created to be three months of time to play, rest, relax, and, in general, do the things that make us happy. In the years between 1898 and 1908, inventors were very creative in their efforts to make summertime spectacular, interesting, and somewhat bizarre! So, whether you prefer to spend your summer indoors or outside, in the woods, or at an amusement park, the National Archives has a patent for you!

Read the full post.

From camping gear to ceiling fans to roller coasters, check out the fun patents they’ve collected. And if you have patent questions, please know that the Wyoming State Library is ready to help with our Patent & Trademark Resource Center.

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