Holly Jolly Holiday Patents

Dec 11, 2017

Another holiday season is upon us! The air is filled with anticipation, merriment, and celebration. To add to your holiday festivities, the Wyoming State Library Patent and Trademark Resource Center has put together some of fun and interesting seasonal patents.

Patents that have a “D” in the patent number are Design Patents. A design patent protects the appearance of item, not the way it functions. The others are Utility Patents, which protect the function or process of the item.

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Happy Holidays!


Patent No. USD477546, “Cactus Christmas Tree”

Traditional conifer Christmas tree? Boring! Here’s a Christmas tree sure to be a hit with friends and relatives – the Cactus Christmas tree, filed by Kay Lynn Como in 2002.

Patent No. USD487878, “Snowman Shaped Christmas Tree”

Or, here’s a snowman shaped Christmas tree. This was patented in 2004 by Robert J. and Judith I. Ostermann.

Patent No. 5455750, “Artificial Christmas Tree with Scent, Sound, and Visual Elements”

Get the full experience with this tree patented in 1995 by Lewis W. Davis and Francis A. Rogers. It has scent producing elements, as well as an illuminated tree-top ornament and a tree trunk that plays holiday music.

More Fun Tree Designs…

Patent D578,034 2008 by Tak Yuen Yip (L)

Patent D638,742 2011 by Virginia Beth M. Purcell (R)


 Looking for unique decorations? Check out these Santa Claus figurines: Patent No. D372,207 “Santa Claus Figure in a Tub” and Patent No. D385,588 “Santa in a Barrel Blowing Bubbles,” both patented by Seymour Cohen in 1996 and 1997.

Tired of waiting around by the mistletoe for that special someone? Take the Mistletoe with YOU with Patent No. 4,488, 316 by Ronald J. Mosca in 1983, “Mistletoe Supported Headband.”

Or, with Patent No. D407,189 by Shannon M. Turner in 1999.



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