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Found in the Big Deal Media K-12 Technology newsletter.

Virtual Classes for Evaluating Media
NewseumED’s virtual classes bring the museum to your students. The classes are offered Monday through Friday, 7 a.m. to 2 p.m. Mountain Time. They are typically 30 to 50 minutes in length and can be adjusted to meet classroom schedules. Currently, ten classes, along with training, are offered.

Open-Source Science Materials Aligned to College & Career Standards
In 2017 philanthropists, state leaders, and curriculum writers formed OpenSciEd to get materials to teachers implementing the Next Generation Science Standards, which emphasize hands-on projects and integrate several scientific disciplines.

Game Using Computer Science to Solve a Nancy Drew Mystery
Nancy Drew Codes and Clues Mystery Game sparks an interest in coding, especially for girls, through a fun and engaging story. The mystery adventure also builds critical thinking and reading skills, as students read along with story dialogue. As members of Nancy Drew’s De-TECH-Tive crew, players choose disguises, find clues, and program a robot puppy to solve the mystery of a missing project at the Tech Fair.

App Creating Musical Story Worlds by Coding
“Coding, the Musical,” by TechSpaghetti, is a free interactive app designed for iOS mobile devices that introduces children aged 4–8, specifically girls, to coding as they create characters and build musical story worlds.

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