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The State Institution Libraries play an important part in the lives of Wyoming’s institutionalized residents – they provide one of the only places for education, recreation, and entertainment for this small, but important segment of the population.

Wyoming Medium Correctional Institution
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Institution Guides

Wyoming is home to 13 State Institution Libraries that serve the elderly, troubled youth, incarcerated adults, and special populations that are deaf, hard of hearing, have one or more mental illnesses, or have a mental or physical handicap. Download and view our profile guide and needs index below.

State Institutional Libraries

Wyoming Department of Corrections

Wyoming Department of Health

Wyoming Department of Family Services

Directors’ Handbook

In addition to this handbook, the Wyoming State Library can offer help to you and your library in the form of additional resources, training and consulting on any of the topics in this guide, or any other issues you may face.

Please do not hesitate to call or email our Library Development Office if we may assist you. A toll-free number (1-800-264-1281) is available for your use to discuss issues and policies, request presentations or seek board training.

Directors' Handbook
Funded by the LSTA

Annual LSTA Stipends

The Wyoming State Library provides yearly LSTA grants to purchase reading material for the residents and incarcerated of the 12 state institutions. Grants are awarded each January. For current year award information or account balance, please contact us.

Central Acquisitions

This program allows Wyoming libraries and institutions to save money through centralized bulk ordering of library materials.

Discounts range between 10 and 15% depending on the vender. Invoices are paid by the Central Acquisitions Office and all items are shipped directly to the purchasing entity

Huge Discounts
Library Endowment

McMurry Library Endowment

The Carol McMurry Library Endowment was established in 2000 within the Wyoming Community Foundation to provide support to Wyoming library staff and volunteers and to publicly accessible Wyoming libraries in three areas:


Education & Training (Library & Individual)


Library Resources


Library Foundation Development

Note: Library projects and individual awards are for future use. The Endowment does not reimburse for past projects, or current projects (i.e., projects already started or will be started prior to the award letter).