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Dec 8, 2020

Christmas Day is coming and soon Santa Claus will make his appearance across the Equality State, bringing toys and joy to all!

Wyomingites have proven themselves to be creative and innovative in all areas of life – including games and toys Join the Wyoming State Library on a journey through our Wyoming Inventors database as we highlight some delightful and playful Wyoming patents. Click the patent number to see the patent record in the Wyoming Inventors database.

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4,498,676 System for Practicing Roping, Robert R. Runner, Pavillion, WY.  1985

3869825 Toy Tank, Herold V. Heberlein Riverton, WY 1975

5435565 Board Game Relating to Stress, David M. Benaderet, Casper WY 1995

5967895 Portable Electronic Bingo Device. William G. Kellen Coro WY 1999

D255,134 and D255133 Stuffed Animal Toys, Sheri Tingey, Moose, Wy 1980

D797198 Rocking Horse, Donald Hahn Casper, WY 2017

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