Valentine’s Day Patents

Feb 14, 2018

Valentine’s Day is here once again. Many of us enjoy giving gifts of chocolates, flowers, and other items as an expression of undying affection to our loved ones. Expressing the popular sentiment of this holiday are a few inventive and fun patents. Enjoy, and Happy Valentine’s Day from the Wyoming State Library!


The Love Tester (US Patent No. D 085,341)

Interested in knowing how attractive the opposite sex finds you? Here is your answer! This is a design patent from 1931 granted to John F. Meyer, for the face of a love tester machine. Insert a penny and it will “Measure of Your Sex Appeal.”

Kissing Shield (US Patent No. 5,727,565)

Worried about sharing more than your undying affection with that special someone?

Check out this patent granted to Deloris Gray Wood in 1998. This practical device allows the user to kiss people without having to worry about the spread of germs and diseases. Now, that’s … romantic?

The Love Bed (US Patent No. 5,211,130)

Don’t forget about your furry friends! This patent was granted to Elly and Elvira Elias in 1992 and is a great way to not only offer a comfortable place to sleep, but also a great way to express love and care.

Heart-shaped Chocolate (US Patent No. D449,147)

Of course chocolate is always popular and is no doubt one of the most popular Valentine’s Day gifts. Verlooy Herwig was granted this design patent on heart-shaped chocolate in 2001. Looks delicious!

The Love Clock (US Patent No. D360366)

There is always time for expressing your love with this delightful invention. Ormond D. McGill was granted this design patent in 1995. The Love Clock says, “I Love You” on the hour instead of just a chime.


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