Visiting the Honor Farm Library

The Wyoming State Library’s Thomas Ivie, Paige Bredenkamp, and Brian Greene recently visited the Wyoming Honor Farm to tour the library, learn about their facilities, and to meet and visit with staff.

The Honor Farm is a minimum security correctional facility in north Riverton that houses just under 300 inmates. With a goal of reducing recidivism through cognitive and behavioral intervention, the Wyoming Honor Farm provides offenders opportunities to become law-abiding citizens, and successfully return to society as our neighbors.

Wyoming is home to 13 state institution libraries that serve the elderly, troubled youth, incarcerated adults, and special populations that are deaf, hard of hearing, have one or more mental illnesses, or have a mental or physical handicap.

Most of the state institution Libraries have limited collection funds. The WSL offers support to these libraries with a yearly $2,000 stipend for materials from Library Services and Technology Act federal funds.


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