WySLICE 2022 Open to K-8 Teachers and Librarians

Feb 1, 2022

Young, smilingstudents at computersWhat can teachers and librarians do to integrate computer science? What type of computer science support does your district need?

If you’ve ever asked these questions, WySLICE is for you!

WySLICE, Summer 2022, is looking for Wyoming schools and districts interested in partnering to learn about computer science (CS) implementation in classrooms.

Sign up now.

Teachers and librarians get paid to participate for one week in the summer. About 80 participant spots are available. The leaders can come to the school district or library if more than 25+ teachers and librarians are signed up in one location.

The University of Wyoming is proud to work with schools and districts to bring needed CS support (e.g., stipends, resources, teaching ideas) into K-12 classrooms and libraries.

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