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Free Continuing Education Events for the Week of May 23

Free, online, continuing education events for the week of May 23 from the Wyoming State Library Training Calendar. Descriptions and links are below. You can subscribe and view the events in your calendar software, or you can find all the events at

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Online conferences

May 24-25 (5-7:30 pm)
Indigenous Voices: Authentic Children’s Literature in the Classroom & Library (San Diego County Office of Education)
Native authors scheduled to speak include Cynthia Leitich Smith, Angeline Boulley, Traci Sorell, Christine Day, Brian Young, David Robertson, and Michaela Goade, among others.


Monday, May 23 (4-5 pm)
Exhausted By Paperwork – How To Handle Administrative Work As A Supervisor (GovLoop)
Bogged down by administrative tasks? Approving leave requests, expenses, paperwork – oh my! It can be so time consuming and overwhelming, to say the least. This doesn’t even take into account all the work you do everyday for your own job. How do you create good habits so you don’t get stuck in the administrative sludge?

Tuesday, May 24 (11-12 pm)
Preventing Financial Fraud at Your Nonprofit (Nonprofit Learning Lab)
Join cybersecurity expert Community IT Innovators CTO Matt Eshleman and Carole Melvin, a financial expert from Your Part-Time Controller, for a webinar discussion of the financial threats that face nonprofit organizations and the steps you can take to protect your nonprofit from financial fraud.

Tuesday, May 24 (1-2 pm)
Book Challenges and Intellectual Freedom: Proactive Planning for Public Libraries (WebJunction)
Across the United States, there are increased reports of book challenges from community members, which have led to very public and heated discussions. As public library leaders and staff consider how to prepare for similar local challenges, being proactive about developing and sharing policies and procedures can help to create clarity and establish expectations around responses to book challenges. This preparation may also include engaging stakeholders, partners, and supporters around the value and essential need for intellectual freedom in the library. Join this discussion with panelists who are working through these issues in their communities, to learn about the resources they have found useful, and their suggestions for getting started.

Tuesday, May 24 (1-2 pm)
How to Develop Tiny and Engaging Videos by “Hacking” and (Training Magazine Network)
WARNING: There is a rule that you can not copy videos from and But there are so many videos you can scavenge, copy, crop, “mutate”, splice and dice, “cannibalize”, and make your own – keeping within limits, of course. The great thing is that I am no expert! If I can do it, you can too.

Tuesday, May 24 (1-2 pm)
Celebrate Water During Earth Science Week (STARnet)
Earth Science Week will take place October 9-15 with the theme “Earth Science for a Sustainable World.” Learning about and conserving water is a fundamental aspect of a sustainable future! Join STAR Net as we share engaging and fun water activities and resources developed by the We are Water Project Team that you can use to celebrate Earth Science Week – and beyond!

Tuesday, May 24 (5-6:30 pm)
3 Cool Tools for Images (TeachersFirst)
When using projects for alternative assessment and feedback, you’ll find that students can express themselves more creatively when given tools to share what they have learned. Come to this session to learn about three tools students can use to work with images for their projects. We’ll discuss digital citizenship expectations and explore tools that allow students to responsibly repurpose digital resources. You might even find a tool that is useful for your own purposes when creating learning objects!

Wednesday, May 25 (8-9 am)
What’s Up Wednesday: All About LibraryReads (Indiana State Library)
LibraryReads is the monthly nationwide library staff picks list for adult fiction and non-fiction. Learn how you can become part of this program by getting the chance to read pre-pub titles for free and use your votes to help create the list! This session will cover: the how and why of LibraryReads; how to access free print and downloadable galley copies of the hottest upcoming books; how to vote for the LibraryReads list; and more!

Wednesday, May 25 (9-10 am)
NCompass Live: Pretty Sweet Tech (Nebraska Library Commission)
Join the NLC’s Technology Innovation Librarian, Amanda Sweet, as she guides us through the world of library-related Pretty Sweet Tech.

Wednesday, May 25 (11-12 pm)
Historic Census Bureau Sources for Filipino, Guamanian and Chamorro, American Samoan, and Native Hawaiian Rese (National Archives)
This presentation by Christopher Martin, a historian with the U.S. Census Bureau, focuses on historic Census Bureau resources for Filipinos, Guamanians and Chamorros, American Samoans, and Native Hawaiians. We will explore the surveys and census history unique to those Pacific islands as well as the enumeration and representation of their populations in stateside questionnaires and reports.  Learn more about the 1950 Census with our Genealogy Series.

Wednesday, May 25 (3-4 pm)
Analyzing Primary Sources in Project-Based Learning (edWeb)
In the edWebinar the presenters will discuss their approaches to high-quality, rigorous, project-based learning, whether designed by teachers or as open educational resources. They will also make connections to the C3 Framework to understand the skills students are building as they analyze sources and identify evidence to support their claims. Attendees will leave the session with an inquiry-based visual-analysis approach for using primary sources in their teaching to prompt students’ curiosity and improve critical thinking.

Thursday, May 26 (9-10 am)
Storytelling for Impact (Firespring)
Join Firespring’s Kiersten Hill as she goes through tips, techniques and tools to help the modern marketer tell better and more impactful stories to activate their audiences around ideas and actions.

Thursday, May 26 (10-11 am)
Staffing Your Fundraising Operation: Structure, Attract & Retain (Productive Fundraising)
Join fundraising master trainer, Chad Barger, CFRE, for a workshop covering fundraising staffing. We’ll explore the various options to staff your organization’s fundraising operation including how to best structure a fundraising job description. Chad will also provide tips for structuring the position in a way that’s most likely to attract top talent. Finally, we’ll focus on what you can do as a manager to keep your fundraising staff happy and serving your organization for the long term. Processes and tools will be shared which will start you down the path to fundraising staff success.

Thursday, May 26 (11-12 pm)
Understanding and Protecting Against Cyber Risk (Charity Village)
There are a lot of things an organization can do to protect themselves from cyber security incidents, and while insurance is typically a last resort when it comes to dealing with cyber risks, it is necessary to help mitigate the risks. Join us for a free webinar to learn about increasing cyber risk, preventative actions, and insurance options to help protect your organizations.

Thursday, May 26 (1-2 pm)
5 Best Practices for Training Front-Line Workers (Training Network Magazine)
From the ongoing pandemic to the “Great Resignation,” front-line workers are facing more pressure than ever. On top of these external pressures, front-line staff often lack organizational support as well, leading to poor productivity and a negative company culture. As a learning and development decision-maker, you have an opportunity to innovate and positively impact front-line employee training to motivate, educate, and retain essential workers. In this interactive webinar, discover the five best practices for developing consistent, engaging, and effective training that helps front-line workers stay connected and productive.

Thursday, May 26 (1-2 pm)
Ready Access: Reentry Services For Decarcerated Populations At Your Library (Infopeople)
Public libraries are uniquely situated to provide decarcerated individuals a wide range of supports because they are already providing services to the community. In this webinar the presenters will demonstrate a web-based toolkit that includes multi-layered mapping, a reading list, an introduction to initiating partnerships with governmental and nongovernmental agencies and tips for creating programming for decarcerated individuals.

Thursday, May 26 (2-3 pm)
How To Manage And Attract Talent In Gov (GovLoop)
Government agencies face a steep challenge when it comes to managing the workforce. They need to navigate increasing complexity around payroll, benefits, compliance and other critical issues. In an effort to reflect the needs of tomorrow’s workforce they also need the ability to attract, develop and retain the right employees.

Free Continuing Education Events for the Week of May 16

Free, online, continuing education events for the week of May 16 from the Wyoming State Library Training Calendar. Descriptions and links are below. You can subscribe and view the events in your calendar software, or you can find all the events at

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Online Conferences

Thursday, May 19 (7-4 pm)
School Library Journal Day of Dialog 2022 Spring
Join us May 19 for the most anticipated librarian gathering of the spring 2022 publishing season—fully virtual and free to attend. Our daylong program of author panels, in-depth conversations, and keynote talks will keep you informed, inspired, and entertained, and provide insight into industry trends as you work to grow and diversify your collections. Come hear about the latest and most exciting forthcoming titles for children, tweens, and teens, from picture books and nonfiction to graphic novels and YA and engage in Q&A sessions with authors and illustrators. There will also be opportunities to visit the virtual exhibit hall to network with leading publishers, enjoy additional chats, and download digital galleys and other free resources.

Thursday, May 19 (10:15-5:15 pm)
The 10th Annual Seguimos Creando Enlaces Library Conference (California Libraries Learn [CaLL],California State Library, California Library Association)
This year’s special 10th Anniversary conference theme is reCreando Enlaces- reCreating Connections. The 2022 binational virtual conference will include presentations that demonstrate how public, academic, and special libraries on both sides of the U.S.-Mexico border are reconnecting with their communities and rebuilding their services to best support new user and staff needs in the wake of the pandemic. We are especially interested in highlighting innovative projects that include communities of color, immigrants, refugees, LGBTQIA+, Spanish speakers/ESL resources, digital equity or binational collaborations.


Monday, May 16 (11-12 pm)
From Your Shelves To The World: Unlock The Power Of Your Special Collections (Library Journal)
You’ve worked hard on your academic library’s special collections: you’ve cataloged them, digitized them, and shared them on your website. Are they reaching everyone who can use them for their teaching and research? Speakers will discuss the collections they published to JSTOR, including the easy process, their preliminary findings, and how you, too, can experience the same results.

Tuesday, May 17 (8-9 am)
Canva Demo and Q & A (Indiana State Library)
This session will include a demonstration of Canva, the web-based graphic design and publishing tool. Learn tips and tricks that will help you do more with Canva and help you create graphics that capture the attention of your audience. Your questions (submitted at registration) will help guide the presentation.

Tuesday, May 17 (9-10 am)
Works In Progress Webinar: Developing Research Impact Services–Perspectives From Three OCLC Research Library Partnership Institutions (OCLC)
Bibliometrics and research impact (BRI) is an emerging area of practice that is receiving significant interest, investigation, and investment by research libraries. A recent survey of OCLC Research Library Partnership (RLP) partner institutions found that librarians are eager to learn about the BRI practices of other institutions. In this webinar, librarians from three research universities will share how their institutions are taking the first steps to develop BRI services, responding to local conditions and working to build relationships and trust across campus.

Tuesday, May 17 (10-11 am)
Centering Community, Building Equity: A Social Justice Approach to Outreach with Families and Children in Underserved Communities (Association for Library Service to Children)
In this webinar, the Project VOICE team will provide an overview of the importance of outreach efforts to underserved communities; how to intentionally integrate the social justice concepts of equity, engagement, and empowerment into these efforts; and the role of community values in developing authentic outreach services for young children and families. The webinar will conclude with an introduction by the Library Service to Underserved Children and Their Caregivers Committee to their Toolkit series, which provides resources for working with different underserved groups.

Tuesday, May 17 (11-12 pm)
Engaging Makers in a Zoom Environment (iSchool @ UW-Madison)
Making in libraries has become a valuable part of library programming, and since the Covid-19 pandemic, these maker workshops have taken on a new look. Learn methods, best practices, and lessons learned for hosting maker workshops online on a budget and how these tips and tricks can remain relevant even as we return to safe in-person operations. Applicable to all types of libraries – lessons learned will be drawn from an academic library – and most relevant to teen, young adult, and adult services though ideas may translate beyond these service areas.

Tuesday, May 17 (11-12 pm)
Orientation to Law Library Collections (Law Library of Congress)
This webinar will discuss how to find debates, hearings, reports, and other documents that may reflect a bill’s legislative intent as it moves through Congress. The presentation will focus largely on how to find these documents through online government resources, including,, and

Tuesday, May 17 (12-12:30 pm)
The United States Holocaust Memorial Museum’s Database for Holocaust Survivor and Victim Names (Federal Depository Library Program)
The Database for Holocaust Survivor and Victim Names (HSV) contains 12 million records on people persecuted during World War II under the Nazi regime. It brings together information from the Museum’s collections, as well as from other organizations, about individual survivors and victims into one search tool. This webinar will highlight the many ways the USHMM gathers this data and the efforts made to ensure this data is made available to the public. Learn how the HSV Database allows anyone to search for a name of a survivor or victim of Nazi persecution (even via Google), find information about that individual, and in some cases request a copy of the original document.

Tuesday, May 17 (12-1 pm)
Introduction to Library Security and Privacy (LYRASIS)
Everyone has to start somewhere. If you’re new to library privacy and security practices, then this is the class to get your feet wet! In this class, you will learn actionable, practical tips on how to protect yourself from scammers and hackers. You will learn how to take this newly developed technology skill set and pass it along to library patrons through everyday interactions and programs. This class is for staff with little to no technical expertise, at any level in the library’s organizational hierarchy.

Tuesday, May 17 (12-1 pm)
STEAM Resources for Libraries (National Girls Collaborative Project)
Libraries are instrumental in bringing high-quality STEAM experiences to their communities. Join us to learn about resources and opportunities specifically designed for libraries. In this webinar, we are joined by representatives from NASA’s Universe of Learning, The National Citizen and Community Science Library Network, and Leap into Science who will share about resources and opportunities that support STEAM programming at libraries.

Tuesday, May 17 (12-1 pm)
Activate Your Superpowers: Finding Your Calm and Modeling It for Students (edWeb)
Numerous studies have shown that mindfulness can support learning, improve physical and mental well-being, cultivate self-management, reduce aggression, improve social skills, and more—but without a conscious decision and a simple method to integrate it easily, it becomes just another buzzword. In this edWebinar you will learn both the why and the how to practice mindfulness so you can calm the storm within you. Join us to learn and to receive the gift of respite from your busy life and reactivate the power that is truly within you.

Tuesday, May 17 (12-1 pm)
Discover Gale General OneFile (Gale)
Gale General OneFile provides millions of articles from thousands of magazines, journals, newspapers, and other authoritative sources. With intuitive search features, and extensive coverage across wide-ranging topics, users will find accurate information and articles to support their interests. Join this session to explore authoritative periodical content, learn best practices for the tools and workflow features, and ways to share content with your users from within your Gale resources.

Tuesday, May 17 (1-2 pm)
Be Found: The Secrets of SEO for Nonprofits (Firespring)
In this session, learn from nonprofits who are experts at search engine optimization and driving traffic to their websites, plus review the SEO tools and techniques that maximize your findability. We’ll cover what SEO is and how it works, why search engines like Google matter.

Wednesday, May 18 (9-10 am)
NCompass Live: Digital Literacy Training for Seniors (Nebraska Library Commission)
Attend this presentation to learn about this great new resource for your older library patrons. Training is offered in small live classes. With new skills, adults can reach out to family and friends more easily, meet with their doctor over telehealth, learn a new skill, and socialize.

Wednesday, May 18 (11-12 pm)
10-Step Budgeting Process (Propel Nonprofits)
The success and usefulness of your budget largely depend on the process used to create it. You will walk away from this webinar with a proven 10-step budgeting process that will engage staff and the board to ensure that your budget reflects your organization’s mission, strategic plan, and programmatic priorities.

Wednesday, May 18 (11-12 pm)
History of the Census Records and the National Archives (National Archives)
Join our Historian, Jessie Kratz, as she presents the history of census records in relation to the history of the National Archives. She will discuss census records before they came to the National Archives, their transfer upon the creation of the National Archives, and the history of their availability and use. Learn more about the 1950 Census with our Genealogy Series.

Wednesday, May 18 (11-12 pm)
How to Find New Funders in Your Backyard in Under 60 Minutes (Nonprofit Learning Lab)
Are you at a dead-end when it comes to the next funders to pursue? Don’t worry! This free grant workshop is made especially for you! In this 1-hour workshop hosted by Instrumentl, you’ll learn new strategic methods you can immediately start using to find new funders in your backyard.

Wednesday, May 18 (12-12:30 pm)
When to Go Hybrid: Determining Which Format Best Fits Your Program (Programming Librarian)
In this second webinar in a series on hybrid programming, moderator Melissa Wong will explore the technical and logistical set-up of hybrid programs as well as the types of programs that are conducive to the hybrid format. The webinar is planned to be discussion-based with substantial time for participants to ask questions and share experiences.

Wednesday, May 18 (12-1 pm)
Mental Health Technology: Destress & Decompress (PACER Center)
Part one of this two-part series on mental health assistive technology will feature apps and devices to help manage everyday stressors and anxiety. This virtual workshop will feature apps and devices to support mindfulness practices, meditation, and improving everyday stress across the life-span. Tools demonstrated will be appropriate for late elementary-aged students and up.

Wednesday, May 18 (12-1 pm)
Knowledge is Power: Authors Celebrating Inquisitive Characters (Booklist)
Join authors Stacia Deutsch (THE JESSIE FILES), Gillian King-Cargile (VACCINES CHANGE THE WORLD), and Andrea J. Loney (ABBY IN ORBIT) as they share characters and stories that spark curiosity from their upcoming chapter and middle-grade books. Meet the super Sleuths from the first Boxcar Children middle-grade series, a plucky space explorer who is always looking for her next adventure, and learn about the scientists who preserved in order to discover lifesaving vaccines as Albert Whitman & Company celebrates stories that show readers the importance of staying curious.

Thursday, May 19 (11-12 pm)
Demystifying Insurance: What Nonprofits Need to Know to Protect their Operations (Charity Village)
With today’s world in constant flux, it is vital that leaders of nonprofit organizations understand the risks to their business and are adequately prepared and covered to protect against events that could threaten the viability of their organization.

Thursday, May 19 (12-1 pm)
PLA Digital Literacy Workshop Incentive Office Hour (Public Library Association)
Every day community members who lack basic computer knowledge and skills access their local public libraries hoping to complete life tasks many of us take for granted. The Public Library Association (PLA) is proud to partner with AT&T to expand upon its work helping libraries and their communities close the digital divide through new and improved courses and training materials. To support local adoption, PLA is launching the PLA Digital Literacy Workshop Incentive supported by AT&T, which offers funding for public libraries to conduct digital literacy training in their communities and promote the new and improved courses. Applications open in May. Join PLA staff to learn more about this opportunity and how to apply during this “office hours” style webinar.

Thursday, May 19 (12-1:30 pm)
Let’s Play! Cooperative Games in Early Childhood Programs (Early Childhood Investigations)
This session, presented by Suzanne Lyons, author of Cooperative Games in Education, gives school administrators, teachers, counselors, and other professionals who work with young children will be a fast- paced overview of why and how to use cooperative game strategically. Join this exciting webinar to learn will how to tap the positive power of playing together, not against each other.

Friday, May 20 (12-1 pm) for Librarians (National Network of Libraries of Medicine) is the openly available federal registry and results database of publicly and privately funded clinical studies conducted in the United States and around the world. Learn how health sciences librarians can advocate to clinical researchers the importance of complying with the results submission requirements mandated by federal law.

Online Training ‘At Your Leisure’

In addition to the live webinars in our training calendar, each month we try to pick some videos out there that you can watch “At Your Leisure.” These on-demand offerings caught our attention for May.

The Road to Mordor: Educating Faculty on Copyright, Fair Use, & Licensing (ALA/CopyTalk)
Help your faculty build awareness of copyright and licensing.
Download Slides

Executive Function: Building Core Capabilities for Life (Colorado State Library)
Come learn how to help children build executive function skills and why these skills are crucial to success for children and adults. We will go through all areas of executive function, determine what might work for different ages and practice a little ourselves.

Wellness Culture: Start With Staff, Extend To Your Community (WebJunction)
Workplace wellness has been an intentional focus at Mid-Continent Public Library even before the COVID-19 pandemic. Watch Steven to hear about his team’s approach and commitment to wellness, including building design, on-staff wellness coordinator, and the successful “Access Wellness” community program.

Free Continuing Education Events for the Week of May 9

Free, online, continuing education events for the week of May 9 from the Wyoming State Library Training Calendar. Descriptions and links are below. You can subscribe and view the events in your calendar software, or you can find all the events at

list of calendar events

All times MDT


Monday, May 9 (1-2 pm)
Digital Storytelling That Amplifies Student Voices (edWeb)
All human beings process information and experiences through stories. Knowing this, we can leverage storytelling as a powerful tool to strengthen learning and instruction. In this edWebinar, we will examine the elements of storytelling as a process before exploring the benefits of storytelling for student learning.

Tuesday, May 10 (9-10 am)
Works In Progress Webinar: Understanding And Mitigating Bias And Racism Across Collections At Yale University’s Museums, Libraries, And Archives (OCLC)
Yale University has chartered a Bias Awareness and Responsibility Committee, with members representing several units across campus. After an initial 12 months of exploration and discussion, the committee has produced a values statement and made recommendations on processes and areas for ongoing remediation of bias in collections. This webinar will describe the process of arriving at consensus around a challenging topic, as well as outline the recommendations themselves.

Tuesday, May 10 (11-11:45 am)
How to Conduct Board Recruitment in 3 Easy Steps (CharityHowTo)
At the end of this 45-minute webinar you will have the knowledge and tools to implement a board recruitment process for your nonprofit.

Tuesday, May 10 (11-12 pm)
Social Media 102 (Firespring)
So you’ve finally adopted social media as a legit way to connect with your target audiences, but now you want to use it to stand out from the crowd. In our Social Media 101 webinar, we covered the Big 3 (Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn) and walked through social media tools. Now it’s time to learn a few advanced social media tips and tricks, elevate your social media presence through micro strategies and activate your advocates.

Tuesday, May 10 (12-1 pm)
Windows & Mirrors (Booklist)
Join us Tuesday, May 10 at 1p.m. central where we will hear from Annick Press, Salaam Reads and Denene Millner Books, imprints of Simon & Schuster Children’s Publishing, Tundra Books, and Second Story Press about titles that can inspire self-reflection and build an awareness of new perspectives, inspired by Dr. Bishop’s research.

Tuesday, May 10 (12-1 pm)
Discovering Education Research through ERIC (Federal Depository Library Program)
This presentation is going to give an introduction to the free version of ERIC, It will cover best practices for conducting searches, controlled vocabularies available to improve searching, fields unique to ERIC, and the types of material included in the database. It will also highlight how to use the API to help researchers conduct a systematic review and other less commonly known features.

Tuesday, May 10 (5-7 pm)
Digital Storytelling 101 (Teachers First)
Using digital storytelling in the classroom doesn’t have to be complicated! Start your first digital storytelling project in just a few easy steps and learn to use this strategy to support and engage students, enhance your instructional cycle, and showcase your students’ knowledge construction skills as they connect to the real world. Learn to use digital storytelling as a formative or summative assessment that includes 21st Century Skill practice.

Wednesday, May 11 (9-10 am)
Distinguished Seminar Series: “Strategies to preserve the past and shape our collective future: The HBCU Library Alliance – A Sankofa Experience” (WebJunction)
In this presentation, Sandra Phoenix, Executive Director, describes the organization’s Sankofa Experience in remembering and embracing the past to make positive progress in the future. Learn about collections, HBCU Library Alliance programs, and how together we can envision a future to strive toward.

Wednesday, May 11 (11-12 pm)
From Parchments to Printouts: History of the Census from 1790 to 1950 (National Archives)
Every census is a snapshot of our country at a particular point in time. As America has grown and changed, the U.S. census has evolved with it. As the first census after World War II, the 1950 Census marked the beginning of pivotal changes in every aspect of our society: economically, demographically, and technologically. Sharon Tosi Lacey, Chief Historian for the U.S. Census Bureau, will trace the arc of progress from 1790 to 1940, then provide the context for how the Census Bureau collected, processed, and analyzed the 1950 Census data. Learn more about the 1950 Census with our Genealogy Series.

Wednesday, May 11 (12-1 pm)
American Community Survey Data for Nonprofits (U.S. Census Bureau)
Learn how the American Community Survey (ACS) can be a useful tool for nonprofit organizations and their operations. In this webinar, we will go through an overview of the ACS including basics, history, topics included, and then a live demonstration of how to get data using We will then highlight the importance of the ACS for nonprofits and the unique ways nonprofits can use ACS data.

Wednesday, May 11 (12-1 pm)
Managing Up (Niche Academy)
Your capacity to influence your manager is directly tied to key capacities that you have sole control over. Sonya will talk about proven, healthy, concrete methods that employees can use to work more effectively with their manager.

Wednesday, May 11 (12-1 pm)
Crash Course in Adventure Stories & Westerns (Novelist)
Do you have a go-to strategy for helping readers with Adventure Stories and Westerns? Whether your readers are fans of a fast-paced, action-packed quest to save the world or a sweeping tale of survival on the frontier, let NoveList and LibraryReads break down the best Adventure Stories and Westerns have to offer your readers.

Wednesday, May 11 (12-1:30 pm)
Establish an Organizational Culture That Supports Your DEI Initiatives (Candid Learning)
This webinar is designed to encourage thought partnership between leaders, to practice inter-community accountability, and to allow for the creative reflection necessary to envision a more equitable future.

Wednesday, May 11 (5-6 pm)
AASL Town Hall: Leading Learning (American Association of School Librarians)
AASL Town Halls are a monthly opportunity for school library professionals to network and brainstorm around a central theme. During the town halls, participants share successes, solicit ideas, and strategize the best ways to meet the needs of school librarians and their learners. Join AASL leadership, special guests, and peers across the country in an open conversation focused on leading learning in your school and community.

Thursday, May 12 (9-10 am)
Disaster Recovery (Tech Impact)
What will you do if your systems are infected with ransomware or someone accidentally deletes important files? What about if your executive director or top IT staff storms out and takes all of their institutional knowledge (and passwords) with them? We’ll walk you through the potential disasters and guide you through developing a plan that will help you get your organization back up and running as quickly and as safely as possible.

Thursday, May 12 (9-10 am)
Orientation to Legal Research: U.S. Case Law (Law Library of Congress)
Provides participants with information about legal sources and research techniques regarding U.S. case law, including information about the U.S. federal court system, the publication of court opinions, methods for researching case law, and information about locating records and briefs.

Thursday, May 12 (10-11 am)
Marketing is Everything . . . and Everything You do is Marketing (Wyoming SBDC Network)
Social media, websites, loyalty programs — those are the activities we think of when we hear the word marketing. But marketing involves nearly every corner of your business, including the design of your product or service, customer acquisition and retention, finances, and hiring and onboarding. In this webinar you’ll learn how to turn your entire operation into a marketing machine.

Thursday, May 12 (11-12 pm)
From Recruit to Revenue: 5 Strategies to Optimize and Accelerate Onboarding (Training Industry)
Catching new employees up to speed on the company culture, processes and knowledge can cost up to 30% of a new hire’s annual salary. But for the first month in their role, most new hires perform at only a quarter of their full potential — unsurprising given that many companies dedicate a week or less to onboard employees. Optimizing your onboarding process can help reduce early turnover by as much as 25% and save nearly $11,000 in expenses to recruit and hire new people. To remain competitive in a cutthroat market, learning and development (L&D) leaders must standardize, optimize and accelerate employee onboarding so that new hires can be productive and add value to the company as soon as possible.

Thursday, May 12 (11-12 pm)
Info2Go! Juntos: Lantinx Family Engagement at Your Library (Idaho Commission for Libraries)
It is crucial for Youth Services Library Paraprofessionals and Librarians to support life-long learning by constantly developing cultural awareness and understanding of how diverse and rich the Latino community is. By removing any barriers based on a young patron’s socioeconomic status, education, literacy-related barriers, language, gender, ability, and diversities, Latino families could support their children’s learning from birth through their teenage years and thrive within their communities.

Thursday, May 12 (11-12 pm)
Racial Microaggressions: Their Effects On Mental And Physical Health (National Network of Libraries of Medicine)
Guest speaker Jaena Alabi will present a brief history of racial microaggressions research, focusing on the negative mental and physical health outcomes associated with experiencing subtle racism. Strategies for mitigating the negative effects of racial microaggressions, such as incorporating cultural competence into one’s practice of librarianship, will also be shared.

Thursday, May 12 (11-12 pm)
Culture By Design: How to be Intentional About Living Values at Work (Charity Village)
An organization’s values are the lens through which the vision and mission are formed, and how decisions are made. However, often the lived culture does not align with those values. This workshop will offer tips on how to better understand your workplace values and how those values might be aligned with your personal values.

Thursday, May 12 (12-1 pm)
To Nest, or Not to Nest, That is the Quest (U.S. Census Bureau)
Did you know that some Census Bureau geographies nest within other geographies? Understanding when these geographies (census blocks, census tracts, counties, etc.) interconnect and when they don’t can be the key to finding Census Bureau data more easily and effectively. To find data successfully is to comprehend the underlying geographical hierarchy. In this session, learn about the interconnections of Census Bureau geographies in order to better pinpoint your data selections. This session will pivot between explaining nesting concepts and geographies and demonstrating with and other tools how to find those geographies, and their data.

Thursday, May 12 (12-1 pm)
CSL in Session: Working with Tweens: What’s up with these “in-betweeners”? (Colorado State Library)
In this session, gain skills and knowledge to become equipped, excited, and empowered to better serve this fun age group. Learn about typical tween development, collect tips for positive interactions with tweens, and practice your newfound knowledge during scenario discussions.

Thursday, May 12 (1-2 pm)
How to Win the War for Talent (Training Magazine Network)
Managers think employees want ABC, while employees say they want XYZ. Join us for a riveting session where Jill Christensen – author of the best-selling book, If Not You, Who? Cracking the Code of Employee Disengagement – will dive into ‘The Great Disconnect,’ and share what you can do to ensure people accept your offer, stay, and be highly engaged and productive team members. Priceless.

Thursday, May 12 (5-6 pm)
Parallel Primary Sources for Enhancing STEM Experiences (Library of Congress)
Success in STEM fields requires flexibility and problem-solving. This interactive session will focus on strategies to help students examine primary sources from multiple perspectives. How can students identify different perspectives from which a single primary source may be examined? And how can examining multiple sources with different perspectives add to their understanding of a topic? We’ll demonstrate a number of related strategies and provide materials and time for participants to reflect on how they may be used in their STEM classes.

Free Continuing Education Events for the Week of May 2

Free, online, continuing education events for the week of May 2 from the Wyoming State Library Training Calendar. Descriptions and links are below. You can subscribe and view the events in your calendar software, or you can find all the events at

calendar list of events for libraries

All times MDT

Online conferences

May 4-5
Grant Writing for Every Occasion (Wyoming SHRAB)
Want to develop your grant proposal writing skills? Or are you just beginning to explore the world of landing grants? Grant writing is no secret– it’s a learned skill. This workshop will help you master the logic and preparation needed for success. Learn tips, tricks, and pitfalls of grant writing, plus where to find help. We’ll discuss the elements of a proposal and how to develop, prepare, and present a compelling case that will make funders sit up and take notice.

May 5 (7-4 pm)
Library Journal Day of Dialog
For more than two decades, Library Journal’s Day of Dialog has been the most anticipated librarian-only gathering of the year. Now it’s gone digital and is free to attend! The next all-day event is scheduled for May 5 and will feature a close-up look at the biggest forthcoming books for summer/fall 2022. Once again, you’ll hear from top authors in genre fiction, literary fiction, and nonfiction. And you still get to dialog by visiting virtual booths, talking with authors, and networking with colleagues.


Tuesday, May 3 (6-7:30 am)
Science Communication In Cs Projects – Strategies, And Tools (SciStarter)
During this interactive webinar, members of the CS Track team will share strategies for science communication in citizen science projects, provide an overview of relevant software and resources, and help participants explore an easy-to-use free data visualization tool.

Tuesday, May 3 (11-11:45 am)
Celebrate AAPI Heritage Month with Eva Chen and I Am Golden! (School Library Journal)
Join New York Times bestselling author Eva Chen for a free author visit to kick off Asian American and Pacific Islander Heritage Month. I Am Golden is a moving ode to the immigrant experience and a manifesto of self-love for all Chinese American children. This 45-minute event will include an author talk, read aloud, and audience Q&A moderated by Kimberly Fakih, SLJ Senior Editor, Picture Books.

Tuesday, May 3 (11-12 pm)
Small Business Resources for Veterans (Wyoming SBDC Network)
It’s no secret veterans make great entrepreneurs, and if there’s one thing veterans should know about small business it’s they don’t have to go it alone. During this free webinar presented by the Wyoming Small Business Development Center (SBDC) Network, as part of the newly-launched Community Navigator Pilot Program, attendees will learn all about the local, state, and national resources available to them as they begin (or continue) their entrepreneurial journey.

Tuesday, May 3 (12-1 pm)
Event Preparedness: Active Shooters and Hostile Activity at Your Venues (LYRASIS)
In recent years we have seen an increase in hostile attacks across all sectors, including events. These attacks have come in a variety of methods. Venues and companies have to be prepared for all scenarios and need to be able to react to all emergencies. This webinar will cover the types of attacks to prepare for, as well as the training you should consider for your venues and staff.

Tuesday, May 3 (12-1 pm)
Girls STEAM Ahead with NASA Free Resources (National Girls Collaborative Project)
In this webinar, presenters will share an overview of the Girls STEAM Ahead with NASA program and free astronomy resources, then delve deeper into some Girls STEAM Ahead with NASA activity-based resources. In addition to the content, the NASA’s Universe of Learning team will respond to questions and comments to support participants in implementing the Girls STEAM Ahead with NASA materials in programming and events.

Tuesday, May 3 (12-1 pm)
True Crime, Thrillers and Mysteries, Oh My! (Booklist)
Love a good cozy whodunit, true crime or thriller title? We’ve got just the thing for you. Join us for a free one-hour webinar on Tuesday, May 3 at 1 p.m. central! You’ll hear representatives from Macmillan Library, HarperCollins Publishers, Sourcebooks, Tor, and Simon & Schuster tell you all about upcoming mysteries, thrillers, crime fiction, and more.

Tuesday, May 3 (1-2 pm)
Celebrate AAPI Month All Year Long with Debbi Michiko Florence, Gita Varadarajan, and Wendy Wan-Long Shang (Mackin)
Join us as we celebrate Asian American and Pacific Islander Heritage Month. These amazing Scholastic authors will tell their stories of healing from heartbreak, embracing their identities, and claiming their own history.

Tuesday, May 3 (1-2 pm)
15 Minutes to Mastery: Support Students with End of Year Stress with Gale In Context (Gale)
The school year’s end can be stressful for students and Gale In Context: Elementary, Middle School, and High School offer supportive materials to help manage feelings and responsibilities like time management. Join us in this short session to explore this content and see how to share with your students.

Tuesday, May 3 (5-6:30 pm)
3 Cool Tools for Language Learners (TeachersFirst)
Are you looking for ways to supplement your instruction with technology tools that engage your language learners? Join us to learn about three tools you can use with language learners at all levels to incorporate reading, writing, speaking, and listening in your lessons. Learn how to enhance your students’ creativity, collaboration, critical thinking, and communication skills.

Wednesday, May 4 (8:30-9:30 am)
SLJ Live Webcast with Angie Thomas (School Library Journal)
HarperCollins Children’s Books and School Library Journal invite you to a special LIVE WEBCAST event with #1 New York Times best-selling author Angie Thomas. Join Angie live from Meadowcreek High School in Norcross, GA, as she talks about the inspiration behind her books, her writing process, and her award-winning novels – The Hate U Give and Concrete Rose – now available in paperback!

Wednesday, May 4 (11-1 pm)
Info2Go! Lifejackets for a Stormy Workplace (Idaho Commission for Libraries)
In a season of constant change and problem-solving, the waves of anxiety are still high. This workshop offers simple tools for facing the waves. This 2-hour workshop will help workers identify internal and external stressors, use a reflection tool for when anxiety is high, reframe confrontation, and gain techniques to stay afloat emotionally during choppy weather.

Wednesday, May 4 (12-1 pm)
The Responsible Use of Scholarly Metrics (Niche Academy)
Scholarly metrics are a useful tool for both promotions as well as self-evaluation. Unfortunately, scholarly metrics are sometimes misused in evaluating researchers’ scholarly output which has led some observers to question their value. In this webinar, Marc Vinyard and Jaimie Beth Colvin will describe the different categories of metrics and how to responsibly use them.

Wednesday, May 4 (12-1 pm)
The Impact of COVID-19 on the Use of Academic Library Resources (Georgia Library Association)
During the spring of 2020, libraries around the world closed to reduce the spread of COVID-19. What impact did that have on the use of library resources in academic libraries? Three librarians representing large, medium, and small institutions, both public and private, explore metrics across areas such as interlibrary loan, website hits, discovery tool and database usage, and patron interactions. Using pre-pandemic usage as a baseline, we discover some common trends among our libraries. Join us as we share our experiences.

Wednesday, May 4 (12-1 pm)
Tell Me More: Cats vs. Dogs (Penguin Random House)
Celebrate National Pet Month with us! Moderator Jack Phoenix will be talking to John Gallagher and James Burks, along with Miranda Harmon, Nathan Fairbairn, and Michele Assarasakorn about their new Graphic Novel titles. Don’t miss out on the fun!

Wednesday, May 4 (12-1:30 pm)
The Honeycomb Hypothesis: A Fresh Perspective on how Infants, Toddlers, and Two’s Learn (Early Childhood Investigations)
This presentation uses the analogy of a honey bee to help you understand how children learn and offers plenty of hands-on experiences and ideas for promoting understandings with infants, toddlers, and two-year-old children. Use the rich hands-on experiences and ideas in this presentation for fostering young children’s true understanding of their worlds through novelty and open-ended exploration. And, watch the young honey bees in your classroom fly to new and inspiring heights.

Wednesday, May 4 (12:30-1:30 pm)
Introduction to Corporate Giving (Candid Learning)
Is your organization ready to seek corporate support? Corporate grantmakers are different from traditional foundations in many ways. This class provides a basic overview of: The different types of corporate giving; What motivates corporations to give; How to find potential corporate partners.

Wednesday, May 4 (1-2 pm)
Succeed at Work: Tools to Support Executive Function (PACER Center)
To succeed at a job, one must master some basic skills – being on time, following directions, maintaining focus, and completing tasks. These skills fall in a category called executive function and lay the foundation for being a reliable and productive employee. In this workshop for youth and adults we will explore technology to support executive function at work. Topics will include managing time, staying organized, completing tasks, and maintaining focus. Information presented will be helpful for those new to the workplace, individuals with ADHD (Attention-Deficit-Hyperactivity Disorder) or ASD (Autism Spectrum Disorder), as well as those with other executive function challenges. Join us for demonstrations of devices and mobile apps to include timers, task managers, wearables, and other tools that support productivity at work.

Wednesday, May 4 (2-3 pm)
3 Tips for Cyber Resilience (GovLoop)
Given the high stakes in today’s cyber threat landscape, a good cyber strategy must be based on the assumption that, sooner or later, the agency’s defenses will fail. The challenge, then, is to have a plan for responding to, mitigating and recovering from an attack.

Wednesday, May 4 (3-4 pm)
10 Ways to Inspire Your Readers and Learners All Summer Long (Follett)
Join technology-centered Future Ready Librarian® Shannon McClintock Miller at 4pm CT as she shares 10 ways to inspire your readers and learners all summer long. You won’t want to miss this one as Shannon shares activities and resources for all to read, learn, create, and explore.

Thursday, May 5 (10-11 am)
How Understanding Your Customer Can Help Your Business Grow (Wyoming SBDC Network)
Join business growth expert Jennifer Ford and Wyoming SBDC Network’s Market Research Center Manager Mike Lambert for a webinar on how understanding your ideal customer can help your business grow in 2022. You will learn why it is so crucial to know your customer and the kinds of questions you should be asking about your client base. You will also find out exactly how the Wyoming SBDC Network’s Market Research Center can help you discover that data. Once you have uncovered this data, you can use it to inform your marketing efforts, inventory purchases, sales goals, and countless other critical business decisions.

Thursday, May 5 (11-12 pm)
Emergent Asking – Get What You Need Now (Bloomerang)
You’ll learn that the flip side of your asking fear is your asking strength. You’ll learn to ask authentically, by tapping into why you want what you want. You’ll discover your Asking Personality and how to use it to set yourself up for success. You’ll learn to overcome both internal and external asking barriers. You’ll learn to clarify and simplify your message, to find new allies and to embrace this brave new world. You’ll learn to ask in any arena of your life, whether you seek a gift, a favor, or a refund.

Thursday, May 5 (1-2 pm)
We Can’t Go It Alone: Community-Centered Collaborations during COVID-19 (WebJunction)
Libraries, archives, and museums have adapted their facilities, services, and programs in response to community needs during the COVID-19 pandemic. Many found they didn’t have to do it alone. Building networks that foster information exchange and collaboration among museums, libraries, and other local assets and organizations can help us manage uncertainty and strengthen our capacity. Our panelists, who represent a variety of cultural heritage institutions, will share their experiences with local, state, and national partnerships and networks during the COVID-19 pandemic and highlight successful strategies that can help you lead staff and public during a crisis.

Thursday, May 5 (5-6 pm)
Primary Source Visible Thinking Strategies for the STEM Classroom (Library of Congress)
“Follow the science” often involves revising our thinking as new evidence emerges. This interactive session will focus on primary source analysis strategies to encourage students to revisit and revise their thinking as new information becomes available. We’ll demonstrate how using primary sources can help students develop and revise their thinking, and provide both free resources for teachers to use immediately and an opportunity for participants to reflect on how to use these strategies in their STEM classes.

Friday, May 6 (9-10 am)
Introduction to Finding Grants (Candid Learning)
Are you new to the field of grantseeking? Discover what funders are looking for in nonprofits seeking grants and how to find potential funders in this introductory course.

Free Library Continuing Education Events for May

site logoThe May 2022 Wyoming State Library training calendar is now available with dozens of live webinars, online conferences, and recordings to watch “At Your Leisure.” Every training opportunity on this list is free and offered online. Topics include advocacy, planning, careers, children and teens, collection development, communication, databases, managing change, fundraising, legal, management, outreach and partnerships, programming, readers’ advisory, reference, school libraries, technology, training and instruction, and volunteers.

View, download, or subscribe to the calendar at

Free Continuing Education Events for the Week of April 25

Free, online, continuing education events for the week of April 25 from the Wyoming State Library Training Calendar. Descriptions and links are below. You can subscribe and view the events in your calendar software, or you can find all the events at

calendar listings

All times MDT

Monday, Apr 25 (10-11 am)
DIY Peer-to-Peer Myth Busters (Nonprofit Learning Lab)
This interactive session will break down the common myths about DIY fundraising and share strategies used by real-life nonprofits to improve campaign success. Join us as we get real on DIY, peer-to-peer, and how to leverage these supporter-driven campaigns to blow past your fundraising goals.

Tuesday, Apr 26 (8-9 am)
Steps to Stay Safe from Cyber Threats (Indiana State Library)
With the recent influx of cybersecurity threats and attacks, it is imperative individuals understand the steps they need to take to keep their personal data safe. This presentation is designed to provide attendees with information regarding different cyber security threats, how to prevent them, and what to do if you are a victim of an attack.

Tuesday, Apr 26 (9-10 am)
Newsletters: Multichannel Impact Reporting for the Modern Era (Productive Fundraising)
Join fundraising master trainer, Chad Barger, CFRE, for a workshop focused on reporting impact to our donors via newsletters. We’ll examine how print/mailed communications work in tandem with email to ensure our donors are informed and engaged. And we’ll look at processes and tools to simplify the development of these vital fundraising tools.  Multiple optimized newsletter samples will be shared as well.

Tuesday, Apr 26 (10-12:30 pm)
Introduction to Proposal Writing (Candid Learning)
Are you new to proposal writing or want a quick refresher? If so, you don’t want to miss one of our most popular classes!

Tuesday, Apr 26 (11-12 pm)
What’s the Worst that Could Happen? A Practical Approach to STEM Librarianship without a STEM Degree (iSchool at UW-Madison)
For those without a background in science, technology, engineering, or math (STEM) fields, STEM librarianship can seem like a daunting or even scary career prospect. This webinar will bust the myth that you can’t be a successful STEM librarian without a degree in a STEM field. This session will show you how to forge a strong liaison relationship with faculty in an engineering department that had been underserved for decades (with resulting resistance to library outreach), build a scaffolded information literacy instruction sequence for undergraduate students from the ground up, and take responsibility for some STEM-focused areas of the library’s collections and services… all without a degree in a STEM field. Presenter Erin Thomas will also discuss helpful approaches and how to address setbacks along the way—strategies that you can use, too.

Tuesday, Apr 26 (12-1 pm)
Strengthen Student Research Skills with Gale In Context: Middle School (Gale)
In this session, you’ll discover how Gale In Context: Middle School supports information literacy and explore how to use its student-friendly features to meet research standards within the Middle School curriculum. This session will be recorded.

Tuesday, Apr 26 (1-2 pm)
Digital Collections at Your Library: Community, Culture, and Connection (WebJunction)
Digital collections at your library can preserve local histories and artifacts at risk of being lost. They offer an opportunity to represent the diversity of stories and voices in your community likely missing from your physical collection. But they are resource-intensive, requiring new skills, technology, and an ongoing commitment to maintain them. Understanding the full lifecycle of digital stewardship is critical to successfully providing digital collections. In this webinar, practitioners will share how their digital collections have enabled their community members to connect with unique histories and cultures, increase appreciation of local history, and foster connections across generations. You’ll also learn about a new series of free courses developed for small public libraries and tribal archives, libraries, museums.

Wednesday, Apr 27 (8-9 am)
Effective Staff Development on Any Budget (Indiana State Library)
Effective staff development doesn’t have to involve expensive conferences, big-name presenters, or elaborate training software. Instead, libraries can support staff learning by providing regular opportunities for staff to explore new skills in a brain-friendly environment. In this session, participants will learn about key elements of effective learning design, how to make learning a priority, and how to identify which library problems require a training solution.

Wednesday, Apr 27 (9-10 am)
NCompass Live: Pretty Sweet Tech – The 40 Day Challenge Initiative (Nebraska Library Commission)
Join Brian Pichman from the Evolve Project as he shares a new strategy he hopes libraries adopt to strengthen their connection with themselves, their team, and the community. By setting up a 40 Day Challenge (and yes challenges will be shared in this presentation) you can take yourself and your library to a whole new level of librarianship.

Wednesday, Apr 27 (11-12 pm)
Genealogy Series: 1950 Census—The Story of the 1950 Census P8 Indian Reservation Schedule (National Archives)
As part of the 1950 population census, the Census Bureau used a special schedule on certain Native reservations nationwide. Join archivist Cody White as he explains the genesis, creation, and execution of the 1950 P8 Indian Reservation schedule, which will be available online on April 1, 2022.

Wednesday, Apr 27 (12-1 pm)
Celebrating Citizen Science in Libraries Webinar (SciStarter)
The Celebrating Citizen Science in Libraries Webinar will provide examples of citizen science programs happening in libraries across the country. Join us in celebrating this incredible work during Citizen Science Month in April! This webinar is part of our Professional Development for Libraries Series hosted by the National Citizen and Community Science Library Network.

Wednesday, Apr 27 (12-1:30 pm)
Diversity Meets Picture Books! What You Need to Know to Select Inclusive Materials (Early Childhood Investigations)
The children’s book publishing industry is slowly waking up from a long history of underrepresentation. Perhaps you have a desire to include diverse and inclusive books in your learning environment. But how do you select these books? And how can you evaluate their impact on the children in your care? Join us for a webinar that tackles these questions and provides you with practical tools for fostering children’s positive identity development and their understanding of others.

Wednesday, Apr 27 (1-2 pm)
Makers in the Library: Developing and Sustaining a Community-Centered Makerspace (Webinar Series) (InfoPeople)
Reflect and Refine – Using Evaluation to Strengthen Programs (Webinar 4)– This webinar series will showcase steps for building and sustaining a maker program in any library and introduces an ongoing process that incorporates, shares and values insights of the community. It is based on the Makers in the Library Toolkit, a practical guide created over three years in collaboration with a group of diverse libraries throughout California.

Wednesday, Apr 27 (5-6 pm)
AASL Town Hall: Leading Learning (American Association of School Librarians)
AASL Town Halls are a monthly opportunity for school library professionals to network and brainstorm around a central theme. During the town halls, participants share successes, solicit ideas, and strategize the best ways to meet the needs of school librarians and their learners. Join AASL leadership, special guests, and peers across the country in an open conversation focused on leading learning in your school and community.

Thursday, Apr 28 (12-1 pm)
Successfully Implementing Volunteer Program Changes (VolunteerMatch)
What should you do when it’s time to change the policies and procedures that govern or guide the volunteers that work with your organization? How can you create a culture of inclusion and get buy-in for those new policies? This training will give you the tools to approach program changes in a strategic way. We will also cover what to do if volunteers either can’t or won’t adopt the policies, how to manage that situation, and what to do if ultimately you need to ask a volunteer to leave.

Thursday, Apr 28 (12-1 pm)
Top 3 Tools Tour (US Census Bureau)
Not sure which Census Bureau data tool to use to get to the stats you need? Join this webinar to learn how to access frequently requested statistics using three of the U.S. Census Bureau’s top data tools: QuickFacts,, and Census Business Builder. This session will feature a brief presentation to introduce the tools and an online demonstration of data access within each tool. After the session, attendees will be able to locate the tools on and understand their uses, navigate within the tools to access basic data, and locate resources for independent learning, research, and data assistance.

Thursday, Apr 28 (5-6 pm)
Analyzing Primary Sources with a STEM Lens (Library of Congress)
This interactive session will focus on the foundational primary source analysis process and its application in K-12 STEM classrooms. We’ll demonstrate how using primary sources can facilitate engagement, and provide an opportunity for participants to explore the free resources available on the Library’s Teachers’ page and reflect on using primary sources in their classrooms.

Free Continuing Education Events for the Week of April 18

Free, online, continuing education events for the week of April 18 from the Wyoming State Library Training Calendar. Descriptions and links are below. You can subscribe and view the events in your calendar software, or you can find all the events at

calendar listings

All times MDT

Tuesday, Apr 19 (10-11 am)
Empowering Your Community: Using Health Literacy to Help Patients Become Their Own Health Advocate (Network of the National Library of Medicine)
As your own patient advocate, you are an active participant, but to be effective you have to develop your own health literacy. That means knowing where to obtain credible and timely healthcare information, and then reading and understanding it so you can ask questions and make well-informed decisions directly impacting your health. By empowering community members through improving patient health literacy, overall health will improve along with quality of life.  The more you know the better you will feel.

Tuesday, Apr 19 (12-12:20 pm)
Quick Bites: Serving Spanish Speaking Caregivers (Colorado State Library)
Join Claudeth Castellanos from the Loveland Public Library and explore best practices for supporting Spanish speaking parents and Family, Friend, and Neighbor caregivers. All children can develop early language and literacy skills in a culturally responsive library environment focused on caregiver support.

Tuesday, Apr 19 (12-1 pm)
Is Your Team Thriving? Tips for Building Buy-In and Trust (GovLoop)
Despite our best efforts, sometimes teams can get stuck. They get accustomed to working with the systems and processes that dictate their day-to-day work, and resist any changes, even when it’s in their best interest. This is a major hurdle when it comes time for an organizational shift. To make positive changes stick, and transform the culture on your team, you need buy-in. Join NextGen and GovLoop online Tuesday, April 19 at 2 p.m. ET/11 a.m. PT, to hear from a government expert about how to cultivate buy-in for team success.

Tuesday, Apr 19 (1-2 pm)
W.I.S.E. Up: Women, Inclusion, and Self-Empowerment (Training Magazine Network)
Women are leaving organizations at alarming levels, there are several reasons for the departure one of which is the lack of inclusion. They are rethinking going back to an environment in which wasn’t meeting their needs. Creating an inclusive work environment where women are both valued and respected for being a contributing member of the organization is not a solidary journey. It takes determination and commitment at ALL levels. When people are aligned around the same values, expectations, and actions of inclusion, they work more smoothly together. There is a satisfaction that comes with working for an individual and company that you feel really values and respects you.  This results in utilizing the unique talents women have, tapping into their capabilities, lowering turnover rates, increasing morale, employee referrals, and a more positive company reputation pertaining to the treatment of women.

Tuesday, Apr 19 (1-2 pm)
Public Service Loan Forgiveness Demystified (Consumer Financial Protection Bureau)
Join Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) for a webinar designed to help you understand the steps to qualify and apply for Public Service Loan Forgiveness. We will help you understand the PLSF requirements, including these temporary changes, and give you practical tips to help you navigate the process.

Tuesday, Apr 19 (5-6:15 pm)
Summer Reading Implementation (American Association of School Librarians)
During this webinar presented by the AASL Independent Schools Section, panelists from lower school through high school will share their summer reading activities, from book circles to book challenges to postcard reviews and beyond.

Wednesday, Apr 20 (9-10 am)
NCompass Live: Starting a Board Game Club at a Small Library (Nebraska Library Commission)
The Lied Scottsbluff Public Library is excited to announce the beginning of a new program: the Scottsbluff Library Board Game Club! As opposed to video or online games, board games fully engage people with one another, utilize so many different aspects of communication and body language, and can foster an atmosphere of teamwork and shared fun that is difficult to find anywhere else. And the great thing about starting a library board game group is that the initial startup costs can be minimal.

Wednesday, Apr 20 (9-10 am)
Digital Fundraising 101: Building People Powered Movements with Small-Dollar Donors (NonprofitHub)
Folks all over the country have banded together to fight the impact of the pandemic, combat racism and systems of oppression, and protect our democracy. In digital fundraising 101, you will understand why small-dollar donors are an important part of this work, and the importance of forming a powerful base of supporters who are ready to get involved and become agents for progressive change.

Wednesday, Apr 20 (10-11 am)
Program Management: 3 Core Strategies to Reach Your Goals (Nonprofit Learning Lab)
Do your staff and volunteers have the tools and resources they need to effectively manage your organization’s programs and services? This webinar will focus on 3 core strategies, including implementing program fidelity, strategies for onboarding, and understanding staff capacity. As nonprofit leaders, you entrust staff and volunteers to effectively implement programs. Do you have the tools and systems available? Leave this webinar with program management strategies to implement.

Wednesday, Apr 20 (11-12 pm)
Broadband Improvements: Free Planning Tools for Libraries (WebJunction)
Access to the internet through broadband connections has become a critical service in libraries, allowing staff and patrons to learn, connect and grow. But libraries with limited support for information technology (IT) may be challenged with how to assess broadband and related technologies to keep these services up to date. Join this session to learn how to use the Toward Gigbagit Libraries toolkit―a free, self-service guide created to help libraries understand and improve their IT capacities and broadband resources. The toolkit can help staff better articulate the library’s needs to leadership, policy makers, and broadband service providers, in order to improve on digitally serving the community and planning for the future.

Wednesday, Apr 20 (12-1 pm)
Lifting Voices: Native Voices in YA (Mackin)
Join acclaimed authors Andrea L. Rodgers (Cherokee), Anton Treuer (Leech Lake, Ojibwe), and Printz Honor-author Eric Gansworth (Onondaga) as they discuss the importance of Native storytelling, representation, and perspectives in YA literature, with Levine Querido Executive Editor, Nick Thomas. Follow along as they discuss the challenges and struggles Indigenous writers face—inside and outside their respective communities—as well as the opportunities they see for elevating the role of Indigenous narratives and storytelling structures within popular culture.

Wednesday, Apr 20 (12-1 pm)
The M in STEM: Math in Everyday Life (National Girls Collaborative Program/Million Girl Moonshot)
This webinar will focus on ways math is prevalent and relevant in everyday life, including in afterschool spaces. We will learn about ways to recognize and embrace authentic math moments and activities to help engage afterschool youth in math.

Wednesday, Apr 20 (12-1 pm)
Library Patrons’ Privacy: How to Navigate Concerns with Emerging Technology (Niche Academy)
This webinar will introduce several considerations for professionals when introducing emerging technology within a library environment.

Wednesday, Apr 20 (1-2:30 pm)
Makers in the Library: Developing and Sustaining a Community-Centered Makerspace (Webinar Series) (InfoPeople)
Implementation: The Nitty Gritty of Planning and Preparing Creative Maker Experiences (Webinar 3)–This webinar series will showcase steps for building and sustaining a maker program in any library and introduces an ongoing process that incorporates, shares and values insights of the community. It is based on the Makers in the Library Toolkit, a practical guide created over three years in collaboration with a group of diverse libraries throughout California.

Thursday, Apr 21 (10-11 am)
Social Fundraising Simplified: How to Make Your Giving Campaign Stand Out Online (Bloomerang)
If you’ve ever wondered why some online fundraisers go “viral” while others fall totally flat, this training is for you! Learn the power of online fundraising, how to stand out on social media, and why growing your visibility online is essential.

Thursday, Apr 21 (12-1 pm) Webinar (Law Library of Congress)
This orientation is designed to give a basic overview of While the focus of the session will be searching legislation and the congressional member information attached to the legislation, the new features of will also be highlighted.

Free Continuing Education Events for the Week of April 11

Free, online, continuing education events for the week of April 11 from the Wyoming State Library Training Calendar. Descriptions and links are below. You can subscribe and view the events in your calendar software, or you can find all the events at

calendar listings

All times MDT

Online conferences

Apr 11-12
2022 Depository Library Council Virtual Meeting (Federal Depository Library Program)
Join the U.S. Government Publishing Office (GPO) and the Depository Library Council for our annual spring Virtual Meeting.


Monday, Apr 11 (11-12 pm)
AL Live—Running in Reverse: Using Awe and Backward Design in Libraries (American Libraries Live)
This episode of AL Live, sponsored by University of Nebraska at Omaha, will offer an alternative approach to library program design, emphasizing two key concepts: the phenomenon of awe and backward design. Presenters will define and discuss the power of awe, exploring the bond between awe and learning. Using backward design as a framework, they will examine how libraries can (and do) harness awe to develop and present meaningful services and programs to enrich all our communities (school, public, academic, or special).

Tuesday, Apr 12 (10-11 am)
How Building a Culture of Career Mobility Can Help Retain Talent (Harvard Business Review)
Multiple studies show that actively moving employees into different roles is one of the most underutilized, yet most effective, development and cultural enhancement techniques in companies today. Building a culture of mobility is a trait of very healthy organizations, with clear benefits: increased cross-functional collaboration, enhanced departmental cooperation, improved innovation, and more cohesion. On April 12, in a live, interactive HBR webinar, Kevin Oakes—founder of the Institute for Corporate Productivity, a leading human capital research firm focusing on people practices that drive high performance—will share insights on career mobility.

Tuesday, Apr 12 (11-12 pm)
Eye-Popping, Show-Stopping Libraries: Trends and Insights from the AIA/ALA Library Building Awards (iSchool @ UW-Madison)
The Library Building Awards, established in 1963 as a joint endeavor by the American Institute of Architects (AIA), the American Library Association (ALA), and the National Book Committee (NBC), is a regular, ongoing, juried award program that recognizes excellence in library architecture and design. During the nearly sixty years that awards have been given, some two hundred and fifty libraries of all types have been recognized. This presentation will review the history and development of the Library Building Awards program, and discuss a selection of award-winning libraries, as a way to document the transformation of library services as well as portray the evolution of library design.

Tuesday, Apr 12 (12-12:20 pm)
Quick Bites: Executive Function: Learning How to Learn (Colorado State Library)
Helping caregivers understand why executive function is important in early childhood and how they can support executive function skill development for the children in their care is a powerful service library staff can provide their communities through their collections, spaces, and programs for young children. Join Kate for a brief introduction to executive function skill-building in the library, a few simple ideas to help you expand or get started on including these skills in your work right away and select resources for learning more about the impact of executive function on lifelong learning.

Tuesday, Apr 12 (12-1 pm)
Library Love for LibraryReads (Booklist)
LibraryReads is a librarian-driven venture where public library staff can help build word-of-mouth for new books. We’ll hear from Executive Director Rebecca Vnuk about the latest happenings in the library world and the important role libraries play in creating audiences for all kinds of authors. Plus, we’ll talk about our newest publication, Booklist Reader, a digital, patron-friendly magazine featuring diverse readers’ advisory content and created in partnership with our friends at LibraryReads.

Tuesday, Apr 12 (12-1 pm)
Reaching Beyond The Library: Creative Ways to Engage Untapped Readers (School Library Journal)
If you build it, they will come — right? It’s a nice idea, but as any educator can tell you, that’s not quite how things work when it comes to drawing new readers to your digital collection. If you want to reach every corner of your school community — students of all ages, teachers and parents alike — you have to do a bit of advocacy, too. But isn’t that easier said than done? Not necessarily! In this webinar, join K-12 marketing expert Christina Samek from OverDrive to learn how easy outreach can be. From print promotions to social graphics and everything in between, you’ll discover simple tips and free resources to help you advertise your digital library, so that you can attract even your most reluctant readers. You’ll walk away with fresh ideas and real-world success stories to help inspire you to take your own outreach to the next level.

Tuesday, Apr 12 (12-1 pm)
Re-Energize Volunteer Engagement with Mission-Driven Opportunities (VolunteerMatch)
Too often organizations look at volunteer engagement as something that’s nice to have, and never realize the true potential of volunteers. But, our organizations become more successful, responsive, and effective when we look at volunteers as a key component to our organization’s success. In this session we’ll discuss creating a connection between the work volunteers do and the mission of your organization. You’ll learn how to design volunteer opportunities with real impact, and how to tell the story of that impact both within your organization and to your community. Attendees will leave with sample mission-driven position descriptions and a worksheet to help craft their organization’s story of volunteer engagement.

Tuesday, Apr 12 (12-2 pm)
Black Mental Health & Healing Justice: Peer Support Training (Session 2) (Network of the National Library of Medicine)
The Black Emotion & Mental Health Collective’s (BEAM’s), Black Mental Health & Healing Justice Peer Support training is a two-day, mental health literacy and healing justice training for people working, living in, and supporting Black communities.

Tuesday, Apr 12 (1-1:45 pm)
Boards & Asking Styles: A Roadmap to Success (CharityHowTo)
Join Brian Saber to learn how to use his iconic Asking Styles to improve your board’s governance and ability to fundraise.

Tuesday, Apr 12 (2:30-3:30 pm)
Social Media 101 for Nonprofits (Firespring)
This session includes practical tips and tools for extending your cause and mission via social media. We cover the basics of using social media for your nonprofit organization and give you handy tips for the “big 3:” Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. You may be surprised to learn that Facebook is less important than you’ve been told and LinkedIn may be more important.

Tuesday, Apr 12 (5-6:30 pm)
Engage & Inspire: Gamification in the Classroom (TeachersFirst)
Gamification is an advanced pedagogical strategy that facilitates students’ ownership of their learning goals. Learn to design independent and group learning experiences that use authentic learning activities to bring game design and game elements to the classroom. Explore resources and strategies that foster student engagement with gamification methods.

Wednesday, Apr 13 (9-10 am)
NCompass Live: Tweak Your Library’s Social Media (Nebraska Library Commission)
The way people consume information has changed a lot over the past two years —including our library patrons. Learn how to make some small adjustments to your library’s social media to ensure that your community members stop scrolling and start paying attention to your posts even in a very crowded feed. This quick course will include buzz phrases such as: Quality vs Quantity and Short Form Content to help you create thumb-pausing content in 2022.

Wednesday, Apr 13 (9-10 am)
The Open RN Project: Transforming Nursing Education (Network of the National Library of Medicine)
In 2019, Chippewa Valley Technical College (CVTC) was awarded a $2.5 million grant from the Department of Education to create 5 nursing open educational resources (OER) textbooks and 25 virtual reality scenarios. This session will provide a high-level overview of the Open RN grant project and will share the development and review processes used to create the five nursing OER textbooks. Information on how to access Open RN textbooks and a demonstration of the associated virtual simulations using H5P software will also be provided. Additionally, national usage data and the impact of these resources on student outcomes will be discussed. Please join us to learn more about these nursing OER or get involved in the project by serving as a peer reviewer.

Wednesday, Apr 13 (9-10:15 am)
Libraries And Open Ecosystems: Metadata Challenges And Opportunities In The Open Ecosystem (OCLC)
Join Kathryn Stine, OCLC Research Library Partnership, and library leaders from OCLC’s Global Council as they discuss next generation metadata challenges and opportunities informed by attributes of the open ecosystem, such as collaborative community work, participatory partnerships, and enhancing description-based services to increase discovery and access as well as reflect inclusive practices. Opportunity and challenge spaces include reflecting on where libraries must invest attention and effort, including and representing diverse communities and perspectives, and supporting metadata librarians in carrying out new roles and responsibilities.

Wednesday, Apr 13 (10-11 am)
Recruiting and Hiring People with Disabilities (Cultivate Ability and Disability: IN Uinta County)
How do you encourage people with disabilities to join your staff? Broadening your talent-seeking practices, promoting disability awareness, removing access barriers, and providing meaningful opportunities for advancement will aid your business in recruiting a talented workforce that includes people with disabilities. Combining these disability-inclusive practices while recognizing the way different and overlapping marginalized identities impact the recruiting and hiring process is essential to authentically pursuing diversity in the workplace.

Wednesday, Apr 13 (12-1 pm)
Introduction to Project Budgets (Candid Learning)
Are you ready to start fundraising for your project or idea, but don’t know what and how much to ask for? If preparing a budget for your foundation grant is holding you back, come learn the basic elements of how to draft a project budget with confidence.

Wednesday, Apr 13 (12-1 pm)
Managing Difficult Volunteer Transitions (VolunteerMatch)
What do you do when it’s time to ask a volunteer to leave your organization? This webinar will give you the tools to address challenges around difficult volunteers, volunteers aging in place, and suggestions to minimize these situations in the future. Suggestions for determining when a volunteer should be terminated, and making it easier on you, other volunteers, and staff will be presented. The role that risk management plays in these decisions will also be included.

Wednesday, Apr 13 (12-1 pm)
Universal Design for Learning: Review, Assessment, and Future Directions (Niche Academy)
This presentation will review the theory and rationale for Universal Design for Learning (UDL) and summarize research on its effectiveness. Presenters will examine certain contradictions in UDL, such as how a learning method that is tailored to individual differences can work for an entire class.

Wednesday, Apr 13 (1-2 pm)
Fighting Censorship: Tips & Resources for Countering Challenges to Books (School Library Journal)
An expert panel offers practical advice and tools for those on the front lines of safeguarding students’ right to read.

Wednesday, Apr 13 (1-2 pm)
Hiring is Hard! Build a Culture of Engagement and Retention (Training Magazine Network)
Hiring is harder than ever, which means so is engagement, and so is retention. With every hire hard-won, and every departure extra painful, one can’t help but want to create a work environment that keeps people as engaged as possible for as long as possible.  And while you can accomplish that to some extent through initiatives and projects, you can only make wholesale, system-wide, permanent improvements like that by working on the culture. In this webinar, bestselling and award-winning author Ed Muzio will present a framework for thinking about – and acting on – the kind of action that creates culture change to keep the workforce engaged and in action.

Wednesday, Apr 13 (1-2 pm)
Makers in the Library: Developing and Sustaining a Community-Centered Makerspace (Webinar Series) (InfoPeople)
Brainstorm and Prototype: Out of the Box Thinking and Testing Ideas (Webinar 2)–This webinar series will showcase steps for building and sustaining a maker program in any library and introduces an ongoing process that incorporates, shares and values insights of the community. It is based on the Makers in the Library Toolkit, a practical guide created over three years in collaboration with a group of diverse libraries throughout California.

Thursday, Apr 14 (10-12 pm)
FRS Virtual Leadership Workshop – Thrive Through the Five (Future Ready Schools/Alliance for Excellent Education)
These past two years, in the midst of a global pandemic, have brought about some of the most challenging work in education – whether in leading through shifting and complex information or in teaching in a multitude of ever-changing learning environments. While the work we do as teachers and leaders is incredible, it is not without cost. Dr. Jill Siler, former superintendent and author of Thrive Through the Five: Practical Truths to Powerfully Lead through Challenging Times will share strategies to not just survive difficult seasons, but to truly thrive!

Thursday, Apr 14 (12-1 pm)
Engaged Boards WILL Fundraise! (Bloomerang)
Fundraising is the hardest work you ask your board members to do. If they’re not fully committed and engaged and they don’t feel they have a strong stake in your organization, they’re not going to fundraise for it.

Thursday, Apr 14 (12-1 pm)
Learn how a Continuity of Operations Plan Creates a Roadmap to Meet Community Needs No Matter What (Colorado State Library)
In this session you will learn how a Continuity of Operations Plan (COOP) can help not only with fires, pandemics, or cyber-attacks, but also in planning to provide uninterrupted services at any time. This will be an interactive session; participants will leave with a framework for providing services.

Thursday, Apr 14 (2-3 pm)
Creating, Analyzing, and Using Lists on TeachingBooks (Teaching Books)
Easily import and create custom reading lists of titles filled with resources to share with your learning community. Analyze lists to gain insight into genre, cultural experience, recency, and more.

Online Training ‘At Your Leisure’

In addition to the live webinars in our training calendar, each month we try to pick some videos out there that you can watch “At Your Leisure.” These on-demand offerings caught our attention for April.

Genrefying the Small School Library (Association for Rural and Small Libraries)
Do you work in a school library setting? Are your students browsing the fiction section aimlessly, only to pick out the same books every time, or grab something at random? Maybe genrefication is the solution! This session will provide insight into the processes, pitfalls, and payoff of genrefying a small school library. Big Talk From Small Libraries Conference Recording.

Small Staff, Big Personalities – Managing Conflict in a Small Library (Association for Rural and Small Libraries)
Small libraries often have small staffs. There are many positives to having a small staff–everyone knows each other, they work closely on projects together, and they work in close contact. All of these positives can be turned into negatives when a personality conflict arises. The conflicts in a small library get magnified, and unless they are addressed quickly, they have the potential to spiral out of control and move the library away from its central mission. This lightning talk will examine a personality conflict at a small regional academic library and the steps taken to address the conflict using cultural awareness, asset based strengths, library programming, and coaching/mentoring. Big Talk From Small Libraries Conference Recording.

Media Literacy for Adults: Meeting Patrons Where They Are (Programming Librarian)
People who need media literacy skills may not be eager to sign up for a program or class on the subject; in fact, they may not know their skills are lacking at all. In this webinar, Kristen Calvert of the Dallas Public Library and Amber Conger of Kershaw County Library in South Carolina will cover how library workers can meet the needs of their adult patrons and how to incorporate media literacy practices in existing programs and at the reference desk.

Embracing Risk-Friendly Learning (InfoPeople)
Research shows clear benefits for children who have the opportunity to engage in risky play such as play at great height, high speed, around dangerous elements (water, trees), including rough and tumble play, and/or with the ability to disappear/get lost. A few of those associated benefits are a decrease in depression and anxiety, better competence with perceiving and assessing risk, and better physical health, self‐esteem, social competence, and conflict resolution. This workshop will focus on risk‐friendly learning: what it means, the research behind it, how to support it in your library, and why it is important for children and youth experiences.