Trustees Training

Webinars and Videos

The WSL provides library board members with relevant and actionable information, tools, and resources in order for them to make informed decisions about the financial and policy future of their libraries.

Board Members Training
Librarian Watching Webinar

Webinar Series – Cohort 2021

The EveryLibrary Institute has developed a webinar learning series of six pre-recorded workshop sessions that will provide learning objective such as:


Understanding best practices for library boards


Evaluating intra-board relationships and roles


Learning about Wyoming statutes and practices


Evaluating policies, trends and supporting board recruitment

Board Members’ Handbook

In addition to this handbook, the Wyoming State Library can offer help to you and your library in the form of additional resources, training and consulting on any of the topics in this guide, or any other issues you may face.

Please do not hesitate to call or email our Library Development Office if we may assist you. A toll-free number (1-800-264-1281) is available for your use to discuss issues and policies, request presentations or seek board training.

Board Members' Handbook

Trustee Trouble Video Series

Library Board membership is a great way to give back to the community and the library. Sometimes that first year on the board is tough, there is a lot more to being a library board member than you might think. In this series of episodes, laugh and learn along with Dan, a new library trustee, as he muddles through his first year on the library board.

We suggest viewing one episode per month and then as a group, discuss the episode and answer the questions asked at the end of the segment. Download discussion questions.

Trustee Trouble Introduction:
How to Use These Videos
Trustee Trouble 1:
Trustee Trouble 2:
Trustee Trouble 3:
Trustee Trouble 4:
Board/Director Relationships
Trustee Trouble 5:
Trustee Trouble 6:
Trustee Trouble 7:
Trustee Trouble 8:
Trustee Trouble 9:
Friend/Foundation Relationship
Trustee Trouble 10:
Self Assessment
Bonus Video:
Evaluating the Library Board