Tips for Public Library Policy Development

Feb 13, 2020

Reposted from the Colorado Virtual Library’s Trustee Corner

Are you looking to develop new policies (or revise existing policies) in 2020? The Loveland Public Library shared tips for public library policy development which they gained in 2019 after completing a full update of their policy manual. The first tip they shared is to identify stakeholders.

[su_quote]Get the right voices at the table to make sure that you have objective input from key groups. This should include your library board, staff members from different roles in the organization and your legal representative. Board members provide critical perspective as representatives of the public and can positively guide the process from the start by keeping community needs foremost in mind.[/su_quote]

For more tips and detailed suggestions, read the full blog post written by Amber Greene and Susan Kadlec.

Signs Your Library Policies Need Revision

How do you know when it is time to review and revise your existing policies? Maybe laws have changed, or current policies no longer reflect library operations. Perhaps your library policies are old and outdated, or for some issues they simply haven’t been created yet.

Library CEO Amie Pilla (Berthoud Community Library District) shared six signs that your library policies need to be updated, as well as a few tips for what to do about it. Read the full blog post for the complete list.

Policy Development Resources

Wyoming library directors and trustees are welcome to contact the Wyoming State Library’s Library Development Office for assistance with policy resources.

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