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Libraries, patrons, and e-books

Libraries, patrons, and e-books:

12% of e-book readers have borrowed an e-book from their library

Washington (June 22, 2012) – Some 12% of Americans ages 16 and older who read e-books say they have borrowed an e-book from a library in the past year.

But most in the broader public, not just e-book readers, are generally not aware they can borrow e-books from libraries, even though three-quarters of the nation’s public libraries offer the service. We asked all those ages 16 and older if they know whether they can borrow e-books from their library and 62% said they did not know if their library offered e-book lending. Some 22% say they know that their library does lend out e-books, and 14% say they know their library does not lend out e-books. Continue reading Libraries, patrons, and e-books

2012 Public Library Funding & Technology Access Report Now Available

U.S. libraries strive to provide innovative technology services despite budget cuts

CHICAGO — Strategic vision and careful management have helped U.S. public libraries weather the storm of the Great Recession, supporting their role as a lifeline to the technology resources and training essential to full participation in the nation’s economy. However, a new report underscores the competing concerns that face America’s libraries: cumulative budget cuts that threaten access to libraries and services, increasing demand for technology training and the chronic presence of the digital divide. Continue reading 2012 Public Library Funding & Technology Access Report Now Available

2010-11 ALA Annual Report: Successes, Concerns for Libraries

The 2010-11 ALA Annual Report underscores how libraries are providing essential resources for job-seekers, support for critical e-government services and programs to promote financial literacy.

Among the report’s highlights is a 2011 survey that shows how U.S. public libraries continue to expand as technology centers for communities, providing essential resources for job-seekers and support for critical e-government services. In addition, as the demand for e-books increases, libraries are the go-to source for free downloads. However, budget cuts have forced libraries nationwide to reduce operating hours and access to services, just when resources are most needed.

Read about other accomplishments from the year in the 2010-11 ALA Annual Report.